Why is Biden so Angry with Unvaccinated People ?

The current White House occupant seems upset with the unvaccinated.  Is he upset just because there are tens of millions unvaccinated?  Or is he upset because of why we are unvaccinated?

The current White House occupant is using the bully pulpit of the presidency and the might of the federal bureaucracy to try to put fear into all Americans.  This appears to me to be in response to Americans challenging the false narratives, putting fear aside, and thinking for themselves.

Biden is upset not just because we are unvaccinated.  He seems more upset that despite a relentless eighteen months of fear porn, suppression of all items of hope, etc., people are not trusting the (incompetent) leadership.  We are not afraid for ourselves.  We want the “at risk” to get the vaccine.  We want anyone who is afraid to get the vaccine.  But for those of us who are low-risk and know there are treatment options, we are making a choice.  By making that choice, we are demonstrating that we are not afraid of the virus.

The unvaccinated have found our own path to properly manage our lives and the virus, and that scares Biden more than anything.  His team is watching what is happening in Australia, and they desperately want to be dictators, declare martial law, and lock people down.  But if the majority of people in our democracy know that the government is lying and incompetent, he can’t take those draconian steps without significant backlash.

The other issue is that without a compliant populace, “The Great Reset” in the U.S. is stalled.  The current White House occupant is upset because we will not provide the unconditional compliance that he has demanded — now or ever.

Maker S. Mark (a pseudonym) is an American worried about the state of the nation and how to solve the problems we face.  United we stand; divided we fall.

Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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