No, It is Not Trump’s Fault

Many Americans have reached a boiling point and the media now wants you to believe this is all due to President Trump and his rhetoric. They want to shame this President and all who support him. They want you to focus on this one occurrence at the Capital on Wednesday and forget about everything leading up to this event. Do not let them :

  • Academia has been indoctrinating our children to be Marxist radicals, to hate themselves and this country, to believe we are whatever gender we choose, to worship our planet not God – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • Democrat politicians have knowingly started false hearings and an impeachment, wasted millions of tax payer dollars, lied to the American public, called Republicans ‘Nazis’ based on false narratives – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • China knowingly allowed a deadly virus to be released throughout the world while they locked down all of their domestic flights to protect their people – and that’s not Trump’s fault.
  • Scientific/Medical ‘experts’ recommended no face masks and then mandatory face masks, to not take hydroxychloroquine and then to take hydroxychloroquine, to lockdown society without regard to the effects to our psyche / health / economy – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • State Governors and mayors created ‘mandates’ no longer allowing people to go to church, bars and restaurants, weddings, funerals, vacations, or celebrate holidays with family – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • Democratic influenced Social Media giants have stopped our free speech online by deciding for Americans what is true and what is false, who can speak online and who can’t, debunking stories harmful to their liberal allies only to retract after the damage is done – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • The cancel culture and Hollywood elite has ruined many lives by shaming people who do not believe as they do, act as they do, or support who they do – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • BLM / Antifa burning down businesses, causing injuries and death, terrorizing communities while getting bailed out of jail by liberal politicians and the liberal elite – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • The media has been sitting on disparaging stories regarding Joe Biden’s family, they’ve praised unruly protests by democrats that have destroyed innocent lives, they only report on stories that follow the narratives they want the public to believe – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • The DOJ and ‘deep state’ have held back information that is damning to individuals in the Democrat party and their family members while falsely investigating the President – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • And now, the votes of millions of Americans have been stripped away and their voices have been stifled by politically corrupt individuals – and that is definitely not Trump’s fault.

Yes, many Americans have reached a boiling point but it is not President Trump’s fault. This President has exposed the deep corruption within our country and the people who our currently blaming him for our anger are part of this corruption he exposed. They are the ones who should be ashamed – they are the ones ruining this country. We have been gaslighted for far too long. Do not let them continue with their false narratives.

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