The Radical Left Exposes its Crafting of the Coup

I could not believe the headline on the cover of Time Magazine! “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Stole the 2020 Election.” (1) Wow. They are finally admitting that Democrats stole the election. Then I realized that the title said “Saved,” not “Stole.” I quickly brushed off my faux pax and started reading.

The author, Molly Ball, describes, in 6,963 words, how the America-hating cabal of leftist radicals, billionaires and never- Trumpers plotted, connived, schemed, lied, cheated, lawyered, and rioted their way to pulling off the biggest election fraud in the history of our country, the theft of the American presidency with millions of fake votes.(2) It made President Trump’s must-read list. Ball clearly romanticizes the efforts of this radical-left alliance, but the details were damning nonetheless.

The Architect.

I’ve gotta crow! I’m just the cleverest fellow ‘Twas ever my fortune to know.

Ball identifies Mike Podhorzer, a senior adviser to the president of the AFL-CIO, as the architect of the plan to get President Trump out of office. Podhorzer was the overseer of the shadow campaign which “touched every aspect of the election.” This article was actually a medical intervention for Podhorzer (“Pod” to his friends) and the other demigods who helped him carry out the steal. They had to crow about it or their heads would have exploded. It was also a preemptive cover story. Every detail of their sin is given the Eddie Haskell treatment.(3): “Your Mom thinks I’m giving you a hug right now but I’m really pinching you on the arm as hard as I can.”

Podhorzer gives democracy a hug.

“Sometime in the fall of 2019, Mike Podhorzer became convinced the election was headed for disaster….”

This was the birth of the steal. Podhorzer knew President Trump was going to win re-election. He saw the MAGA crowds. He salivated over them.(4) He knew that minority and Democrat voters were leaving the Democrat plantation in record numbers. (5)

Trump had made good on his promise to put America and Americans first (6). He protected our borders, took on the swamp, the fake media, the radical left, the woke culture, and the people loved him for it. A red tidal wave was coming.

“…and determined to protect it.”

“Protecting” the election meant making sure Trump did not win by any means necessary. It had nothing to do with protecting the integrity of the election process. Podhorzer and his snobbish crew, the people who know better than us, saw Trump’s election and inevitable re-election as an assault on democracy. They had to steal the election in order to save democracy because “Trump and his allies were running their own campaign to spoil the election.” Yeah. That campaign was called “Trump 2020″ and spoiler alert, Pod: Trump won. But you know that.

Without realizing it, Molly Ball really did write the true story of how Podhorzer and his shadow stole the election without naming the people who actually got their hands dirty. (7) But she documents how Podhorzer set them up for the steal. His DNA is all over the crime scene. Ball used 7,000 words to fawn over these “defenders of democracy.” I think I can translate her piece, which was written in Demoncleze, in under 2,500. Here’s how it went down.

*Podhorzer held “invitation-only” zoom calls attracting thousands which “became the galactic center for a constellation of operatives across the left who shared overlapping goals.” “Podhorzer began working from his laptop at his kitchen table, holding back-to-back Zoom meetings for hours a day with his network of contacts across the progressive universe…” “Among Democratic insiders, he’s known as the wizard…” Galactic, constellation, universe, wizard. This was a friggin Star Wars convention. Suffice it to say Podhorzer put the shadow campaign together, kept them on target and directed their activities.

* “…helped secure hundreds of millions in public and private funding” for election departments. Here’s a bunch of money and “Oh, by the way, we’d like to change how you run your elections.” They lobbied Congress to give extra money to election administrators, primarily to finance Podhorzer’s plan for a massive Vote by Mail campaign. They got $400 million. They approached an assortment of foundations which contributed tens of millions more. Facebook gave over $300 million. The money was used “… to pay for postcards letting people know they could vote absentee–or, in some states, to mail ballots to every voter….” and for “additional staff and scanners to process ballots.” In August and September, the shadow campaign “sent ballot applications to 15 million people in key states.”

* “They got states to change voting systems and laws.” and worked to change “America’s balky election infrastructure.” Podhorzer needed to make this donkey go where he wanted it to go. They did not change election laws. They got judges and election officials, in key battleground states, to ignore election laws in favor of a system that would allow the most fraud possible. Massive mail-in voting, getting rid of election integrity safeguards and extending Election Day to election month. (8) They convinced Democrat Secretaries of State to allow Rock the Vote, a radical left political organization, “front end access” to voter rolls and the ability to add names to said rolls. (9) All of this was illegal and violated the legislative process dictated by the Constitution. (10) But remember,”They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”

* “They fended off voter-suppression lawsuits.” There were no “voter suppression lawsuits.” Democrats filed lawsuits to eliminate election integrity standards against fraud. Republicans tried to stop them.

* “…held media briefings with high-profile experts across the political spectrum, resulting in widespread coverage of potential election issues and fact-checking of Trump’s false claims.” How do you fact-check a fact you have already described as false? There was no fact-checking. They gave their media sycophants marching orders. Trash Trump 24/7, claim that everything he says is a lie and have “experts” on hand to back you up.

*Got millions of people to vote by mail. Coups require chaos and Democrats are drama queens. In this case the Wuhan Virus provided drama and was about to make their dreams come true. They used the virus to create panic. They used the panic to get Vote by Mail, where fraud lives and elections are stolen. This was not about democracy or safety. It was about bringing the best method for election fraud to life. Just ask the judge in Mississippi who ordered a new election after finding out that 78% of the mail-in ballots for the June primary were invalid. (March 4, 2021) (11) Absentee ballots (limited mail-in ballots) can be used to steal a race. But that works only when the number of votes needed is in the thousands.(12) Pod needed millions, and in the name of Wuhan he got it.

On election night “Trump was running ahead of pre-election polling, winning Florida, Ohio and Texas easily and keeping Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania too close to call.” Too close to call? At midnight Trump was ahead in Michigan by 400,000 votes. Podhorzer, meanwhile, was warning everyone he knew that polls were underestimating Trump’s support.... he had been warning for weeks that Trump voters’ turnout was surging.” But, he assured them, “…as the numbers dribbled out…Trump would lose.”

The Dribbling. On election night around midnight, several Democrat-controlled cities in key swing states, abruptly and in unison, stopped counting votes. This had never happened before in a U.S. presidential race. The states involved were Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia and Nevada. Trump was leading in all the battleground states by decent margins. Analysts — I am sure they were Pod’s “experts” — predicted there would be a….wait for it… “blue shift” in key battlegrounds–driven by tallies of mail-in ballots…”And that’s just what happened for days. In Pennsylvania Biden received over a million votes after Election Day, over one-third of his totals.

Who made the call? Who ordered those states to stop counting on election night?

I think it was Podhorzer and his shadow. Voting in person on Election Day, with votes tallied on Election Day, greatly limits fraud and most accurately captures the will of the people. That’s why Democrats oppose it.

*Pressured social media companies to take a harder line against disinformation and… fight viral smears. “…deprived [President Trump] of the Twitter and Facebook accounts he used to push the nation to its breaking point.” They brought censorship down on President Trump and conservatives like a hammer and sickle. (13) And it was the Democrats who tried to push the nation to a breaking point with the riots (more on that later), the virus hysteria and stealing the election.

*Helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks to ward off Trump’s false claims of victory. Trump won on Election Day; Pod planted a story to explain why an Election-Day victory couldn’t be celebrated. “We told you it would be normal if counting took days or weeks.” They needed the time to “find” Biden ballots.

The Most Evil Element Of The Plot

Coups require chaos and Democrats are drama queens, part two. Enter Black Lives Matter (BLM), a racist, hateful, violent organization. All of a sudden America was the most racist country on the planet. A lie. (14) White cops were murdering unarmed black men every day. A lie. (15) Whites were racist simply because they had white skin. That’s racist. There was so much feigned outrage. Self-loathing whites literally got on their knees to BLM and apologized for being white. True. The figurehead for this racist America was President Trump, and the 80 million people who would vote for him were wearing hooded white sheets.

* “The racial-justice uprising [riots] sparked by George Floyd’s killing in May was not primarily a political movement…” but the organizers “wanted to harness its momentum for the election.” BLM co-founder Patrice Cullers said her primary goal was to get Trump out of office.(16) That’s political. Ball confirms, several times, that the people who started the protests [riots] were a “key part” of Podhorzer’s radical alliance and that his posse“ drew energy from the summer’s racial-justice protests [riots], many of whose leaders were a key part of the liberal alliance.” “Many of those organizers were part of Podhorzer’s network, from the activists in battleground states… to organizations with leading roles in the Movement for Black Lives.”

* Violence is hard work. BLM got an assist from Antifa, those skinny white boys in skinny black jeans. Five months of sustained rioting followed, brought to us by the Siamese Twins of Domestic Terror. I am convinced they were taking orders from Starship Podhorzer and his shadow. The riots were planned, financed and organized across state lines. This was the most vile element of the plot.

The first few weeks of rioting may have just been BLM doing their thing, making money off the bodies of dead black men. (17) But Democrats saw their value leading up to the election and after. (18) Democrat governors and mayors allowed them to continue. (19)

Arson, murder, massive building damage, shattered glass, businesses destroyed, innocent citizens brutally terrorized, assaulted, cars destroyed, police violently attacked, murdered, precincts burned to the ground. Over 30 people dead as a direct result of their violent acts. Their domestic terrorism. Over two billion dollars in damages.(20) Cities they destroyed are still boarded up, including Washington, D.C., where their talents were on display January 6th. (21)

This violence worked. When describing why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suddenly joined Podhorzer’s devious efforts, Ball writes, “The summer’s racial-justice protests had sent a signal to business owners too: the potential for economy-disrupting civil disorder.”

*Black organizers also recruited thousands of poll workers. They created a force of “election defenders” who, unlike traditional poll watchers, were trained in de-escalation techniques. I remember those poll watchers. Their “de-escalation technique” was to keep GOP poll watchers out of the counting rooms. (22) The election was being stolen and the Democrats needed privacy. (23) Of course this violated election laws. (24)

*After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result. The primary pressure points were election officials, politicians and judges. The five months of sustained rioting leading up to the election, and the threat of greater violence should Trump be declared the winner, had everyone scared. Podhorzer’s group bullied most of them into submission with a campaign called, “The World Is Watching” and “Protect the Results.” Judges refused to hear any legal challenge detailing the Democrats’ election fraud. No discovery. No evidentiary hearings. No findings of fact. No justice.(25)

*SHOWING UP, STANDING DOWN Ball describes the decision made by the alliance, late on Election Day, to not riot on November 4th. “The conversation that followed was a difficult one, led by the activists charged with the protest [riot] strategy…We wanted to be mindful of when was the right time to call for moving masses of people into the street,” but decided it was too soon. “So the word went out: stand down.” Podhorzer credits the activists for their restraint. “They had spent so much time getting ready to hit the streets on Wednesday.” Fact-check on aisle Pod: there were several riots on November 4th. (26)

The Phantom Candidate.

I think Podhorzer determined who the Democrat candidate would be as much as he determined how the election would be “won.” Why did Pod and his shadow pick Joe Biden? Let’s cut to the chase. Biden has some form of dementia. I think he is a criminal, corrupt and sexually perverted. But, for at least two years I’d wager, he has also been an elderly, vulnerable adult with dementia. (27) I’m convinced they had him sipping on Adderall cocktails the few times they let him out of the basement. Podhorzer and the Democrats knew he was mentally unfit when they chose him (there oughta be a law against that), and that is precisely why they chose him. There was never any plan to win the election. From the beginning the fix was in. They were rigging the system and the election would be stolen. Even Joe knew that. (28) They didn’t need a candidate who could win. They needed a placeholder.

The Final Brag & The Proper Outcome.“Every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated…” Coo cook ka do. Podhorzer managed to get Biden installed in the White House. He made sure that the votes of 80 million American citizens didn’t interfere, but it was by the skin of his teeth. In spite of all their craftiness and illegal ballots it would have taken just 90,000 votes for Trump to have overcome their massive fraud and win it all, twice: the Presidency, House and Senate, (29) which truly would have been the proper outcome. (30) (31) (32)

Linda Jordan

At CPAC, Trump Doubles Down on Populism

In his CPAC speech on Sunday, former president Trump articulated a populist vision for the future of the Republican Party and for America. At the heart of the president’s thinking lies a powerful message of hope for America’s working people. Unlike the Democrats’ idea of governance by and for the elite, Donald Trump believes in the ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — the principles of equality, opportunity, and unalienable rights.

These principles did not vanish with the 2020 election, nor has President Trump. The conflict between the elitist and populist vision of America is the most crucial social and political issue of our time. I believe that the 2020 election was stolen because the political elite realized they could not defeat President Trump in a fair fight. Trump’s populist vision is shared by at least 74 million Americans, and likely by far more. If the fraud can be contained, 2022 and 2024 will be victorious elections for the GOP and for populism in America.

Declaring that his political journey is “far from over” and hinting that he may be the GOP presidential candidate in 2024 (and ruling out a third-party run), President Trump laid out the policy differences between his and President Biden’s administrations. For most watching the speech, Trump’s policies on immigration, job creation, constitutionalism, and foreign policy are clearly superior to those of Biden and Democrats in Congress. A CPAC straw poll revealed that 95% of those voting wished to see Trump’s policies and agenda advanced.

Underlying all of Trump’s remarks was the stark divide between heartland Americans and the coastal elite. The president’s assurance that conservatives will win in 2022 and 2024 rests on his belief that conservative thinking is “common sense” and that the conservative vision of America is founded on God-given rights. If that thinking truly is common sense and those rights truly are God-given — and if, as Trump stressed in his speech, Republicans set about to forestall election fraud before the next election — a conservative victory is likely.

Since before its founding as a nation, America attracted a population that sought personal liberty and economic opportunity. A despotic, class-based system of privilege stood in the way of this population, and the British Crown imposed the same sort of tyranny that liberals seek to implant in America today. Americans do not want a European-style government with power centralized in the capital and exercised by a permanent elite akin to the graduates of Oxbridge in Britain or the École nationale d’administration in France. The European political mentality — a mentality that would accept unelected members of a commission in Brussels as rulers — derives from centuries of serfdom that taught acceptance of an inherited class system. That mentality is alien to America’s thinking, but elitists in the Democratic Party are trying to impose it on us.

Biden and the elite that surround him know little about the real America or the wishes of the American people. Secretary of state Antony Blinken, for example, has practically no business experience outside government or, from what I can determine, any significant contact with ordinary Americans outside the coastal culture. He has served in the Clinton, Obama, and Biden administrations and with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and with a liberal think-tank when Democrats were out of power. Blinken attended an elite prep school in New York City, followed by Harvard and Columbia Law School. His father and uncle were U.S. ambassadors, and Blinken himself began working on Democrat presidential campaigns as early as 1988, when he was just 26.

There is no record of Blinken’s ever working in the private sector (that is, producing or building anything), but he has played an important role in WestExec Advisors and Pine Island Capital Partners, for which he was hired, according to its chairman, for his “access, network and expertise.” This sounds to me a lot like influence-peddling, something the Biden family appears to have engaged in as well, so much so that the New York Times — hardly a unfriendly source — questioned Blinken’s potential conflicts of interest if appointed as Biden’s secretary of state.

As it is, Blinken is not the only person associated with Pine Island Capital Partners close to Biden. The list includes Lloyd Austin and Michele Fournoy. In fact, almost all of Biden’s Cabinet appointees, from Blinken to Janet Yellen and John Kerry, fit the same mold: graduation from elite schools, long histories of government service, no real business experience, and complete loyalty to the Washington elite.

It is this elite that President Trump is determined to defeat as he continues to work for the good of “every American,” as he declared on Sunday. As he reaffirmed his overriding policy of “America First,” Trump was in effect declaring that he will not accept the influence of the political elite, either in this country or from other countries that wish to exploit the American people by way of the Paris Climate Agreement, the Iran nuclear deal, weak trade agreements, flawed immigration deals, and other failures of Democrat administrations.

What all of these failures have in common is their disregard for the ordinary working American, who is forced to pay for giveaways that enrich foreign entities through deals negotiated by liberals who then benefit in some way from them. In his CPAC speech, President Trump presented a remarkably clear-eyed assessment of the stakes we face and of the difficult road ahead. It will not be easy to defeat an articulate and united political elite determined to retain its privileges at the expense of a less organized and less unified public. But the great weakness of the left, as our former president pointed out, is that leftist policies are simply wrong.

In the long run, no reasonable person can defend the idea of surrendering our sovereignty to our enemies. Once it is clear what Biden intends, most Americans, I believe, will rally around conservatives in 2022 and 2024. To paraphrase Isoroku Yamamoto, the American electorate is a sleeping giant. Biden’s radicalism may be just what it takes to awaken it.

Jeffrey Folks is the author of many books and articles on American culture including Heartland of the Imagination (2011).

Trump vs. The Establishment

The Biden Election Thief is not yet inaugurated, but the Democrat and Republican establishment has already closed ranks against President Trump and the American people.

The House and Senate, backed up by neoliberal Junk Economists Larry Summers and Paul Krugman and billionaire owned presstitute media, blocked President Trump’s effort to boost the Covid relief package from $600 per American to $2,000. The Democrat/Republican Establishment wanted the money for defense contractors instead.

The Lie Factory, a.k.a. New York Times, pretended that the issue was the popularity of giving a 3% pay hike to soldiers instead, but the real issue was about reestablishing the US budget as a piggy bank for the rich.

$2,000 would have kept Americans, left without income from the Democrats’ lockdowns, in their homes for another month by paying the mortgage or the rent. $600 might pay down their credit card debt enough to be able to use their cards one more time. As America’s leading economist, and some would say only economist, Michael Hudson, has emphasized, the only way the American economy can be put back on its feet is through debt forgiveness. This is too radical of an idea for a country in which all explanations are controlled in order to serve the Establishment.

I have said from the beginning that Trump stood for the people against the Establishment, and that every dumbshit complaining about Trump was strengthening the Establishment’s hold on the American people.

Success in the House and Senate comes from serving powerful interest groups, not from serving the people. This is why most Republicans in Congress are content for the election to be stolen. It gets Trump out of the way of the Establishment’s agenda.

The Establishment uses its presstitutes to keep the public brainwashed and befuddled. But such an obvious and blatant theft of a presidential election as we have witnessed might have awoken the insouciant American public. If not, perhaps Nancy Pelosi’s pandering to a handful of woke idiots and “transgendered” freaks will.

House Democrats are leading the charge to take our language away from us. We are not to be permitted to use traditional gender words. Instead we have to pretend that there are many genders and so many of these many genders that males and females must no longer be allowed to suppress and offend by the use of gender male/female words.

The Democrats in the US House of Representatives are leading the way by establishing a “gender neutral” “rules package.” “Gender neutral,” of course, isn’t neutral. It discriminates against the traditional use of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, daughters, and prevents us from knowing or identifying the gender of those of whom we speak. The Democrats’ new terms are: “parent, child, sibling, parent’s sibling, sibling’s child, spouse, parent-in-law, child-in-law, sibling-in-law, stepsibling, half-sibling.” So, are you speaking of brother or sister, mom or dad, grandpa or grandma? The new Democrat language doesn’t let you know. The dumbshit Democrats think that putting us in the dark makes us more inclusive.

Did you know that there are binary and nonbinary people? Do you know what these people are? Why is Pelosi restructuring the English language in the interest of people we have never even heard of, much less experienced? Who does Pelosi represent? Why does she not represent us? America has a Speaker of the House who represents who? Nonbinary people. What has that got to do with us?

A seaman becomes a non-word. A chairman becomes an inanimate object, “chair.”

Not knowing who is who or whether we are addressing a person or an inanimate object, say the Democrats, makes us more inclusive. If Republicans vote for this, we have more than one political party that needs extermination.

We can joke about having to introduce one’s danghter-in-law as one’s sibling-in-law, and a son or daughter as a “sibling,” and one’s half brother as a half sibling. But this destruction of language and meaning is being done in the name of a tiny minority who assert that being a minority gives them rights over the majority. Somehow it is the imposed on majority who are oppressive, not the tiny minority of freaks that are oppressing the majority by taking away their language. In a democratic society, why are Democrats representing a tiny minority against the majority?

Congress’ answer is: “That’s what we do.” Congress represents the military/security complex, pharmaceuticals, agri-business, Wall Street and the Big Banks, “preferred minorities,” the Israel Lobby, digital communication monopolies, and other interest groups rather than the interest of the American people in whose name Congress speaks. It is difficult to get any moral standing out of representing these money-grubbing interest groups, so Congress gains moral authority by representing nonbinary people and shemales. Why does representing sexual freaks convey moral authority?

So. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat House tells us that the House represents nonbinary people—people who are neither male nor female. Who then represents the vast majority who are male and female?

Why do dumbshit Americans vote for Democrats and Republicans who do not represent them?

Do these dumbshit Americans expect to survive?

Where are the leaders for these dumbshit Americans? They are going to have to fight for their lives. How are they going to do that without leaders?

Paul Craig Roberts, UNZ Review

No, It is Not Trump’s Fault

Many Americans have reached a boiling point and the media now wants you to believe this is all due to President Trump and his rhetoric. They want to shame this President and all who support him. They want you to focus on this one occurrence at the Capital on Wednesday and forget about everything leading up to this event. Do not let them :

  • Academia has been indoctrinating our children to be Marxist radicals, to hate themselves and this country, to believe we are whatever gender we choose, to worship our planet not God – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • Democrat politicians have knowingly started false hearings and an impeachment, wasted millions of tax payer dollars, lied to the American public, called Republicans ‘Nazis’ based on false narratives – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • China knowingly allowed a deadly virus to be released throughout the world while they locked down all of their domestic flights to protect their people – and that’s not Trump’s fault.
  • Scientific/Medical ‘experts’ recommended no face masks and then mandatory face masks, to not take hydroxychloroquine and then to take hydroxychloroquine, to lockdown society without regard to the effects to our psyche / health / economy – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • State Governors and mayors created ‘mandates’ no longer allowing people to go to church, bars and restaurants, weddings, funerals, vacations, or celebrate holidays with family – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • Democratic influenced Social Media giants have stopped our free speech online by deciding for Americans what is true and what is false, who can speak online and who can’t, debunking stories harmful to their liberal allies only to retract after the damage is done – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • The cancel culture and Hollywood elite has ruined many lives by shaming people who do not believe as they do, act as they do, or support who they do – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • BLM / Antifa burning down businesses, causing injuries and death, terrorizing communities while getting bailed out of jail by liberal politicians and the liberal elite – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • The media has been sitting on disparaging stories regarding Joe Biden’s family, they’ve praised unruly protests by democrats that have destroyed innocent lives, they only report on stories that follow the narratives they want the public to believe – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • The DOJ and ‘deep state’ have held back information that is damning to individuals in the Democrat party and their family members while falsely investigating the President – and that is not Trump’s fault.
  • And now, the votes of millions of Americans have been stripped away and their voices have been stifled by politically corrupt individuals – and that is definitely not Trump’s fault.

Yes, many Americans have reached a boiling point but it is not President Trump’s fault. This President has exposed the deep corruption within our country and the people who our currently blaming him for our anger are part of this corruption he exposed. They are the ones who should be ashamed – they are the ones ruining this country. We have been gaslighted for far too long. Do not let them continue with their false narratives.

The Coming Purge of All Things Trump

Around 3500 years ago in ancient Egypt, there lived a pharaoh who didn’t believe there were multiple gods ruling the universe. Pharaoh Akhenaten believed there was only one god — Aten the sun god. As you might imagine, this didn’t sit well with a lot of people. Priests who made a living assisting in the worship of other gods lost their livelihoods and since religion was a big deal in Egypt, a lot of important people connected to other gods lost quite a bit.

Akhenaten had sort of a co-regency with his son, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who also believed in the one god. After their deaths, the priests and those who worshipped other gods took their revenge on both of them. They systematically erased both pharaohs from history — literally. They scratched out their names on carvings, they chiseled over their names on stone tablets, they destroyed every scroll where their names appeared, they toppled any statues that bore their likenesses.

How effective was this erasure? When a bust was found of Akhenaten in the 19th century, nobody could figure out who he was.

Not even the Soviets, who became famous for scrubbing their history books of Communist leaders who had fallen out of favor, did such a fabulous job in erasing history. This is all relevant because Trump, and those even just tangentially associated with him, are about to be erased from history by those on both sides who see a political opening to destroy their opponents.

Senator Josh Hawley has been fingered as the scapegoat in the mob attack on the Capitol. It’s not exactly clear why. It could be that he was the most visible Senator who, in a completely legal and constitutional fashion, challenged the results of the Electoral College. You may believe he was right or you may think him crazy. Whatever your opinion, what he did was perfectly legal.

Hawley’s sin was they he didn’t sit down, shut up, and accept without question the verdict of authorities. He decided to legally challenge the Electoral College results. No one knows if he really believed the cockamamie conspiracy theories about magic voting machines, altered votes, and a stolen election. It was enough that a picture of Hawley was published showing him outside the Capitol building shaking a clenched fist at the protesters in support of their demonstration — a demonstration which was peaceful until it wasn’t.

There were thousands of Trump supporters peacefully demonstrating in front of the Capitol — just like the majority of protesters last summer were peacefully demonstrating against the police. But there were those on Wednesday in Washington and across the country last summer who sought to use the peaceful protesters to disguise their intent to commit violence.

Of course, a few minutes later, some in the crowd breached the Capitol building and the insurrection was on. But trying to cancel Hawley for his legal challenge to the Electoral College or support for peaceful protests has nothing to do with standing up for democracy. Hawley and other Trump supporters will be purged from society not because they supported violence as some Democrats did last summer, but because a chasm has opened up in America and anything and anyone associated with Donald Trump will be thrown in it. On the left, it’s not enough to defeat your political opponents. They must be destroyed.

The same treatment given to Hawley will be given to other supporters of Donald Trump, including ordinary people who might have a MAGA bumper sticker on their car or a Donald Trump coffee mug at the office. How many will lose their jobs, be shunned by neighbors, or kicked out of organizations? This is not the way to protect democracy or defend the integrity of elections.

We are about to enter a very dark period in American history. It won’t be Robespierre’s “Reign of Terror.” Guillotines won’t be set up on the mall or gallows erected in Central Park. But there will be terror nonetheless. And it won’t be the Josh Hawley’s or political big shots who will be terrorized. It will be people with everything to lose who will fear being purged.

Rick Moran, PJ Media

First Thoughts on the Breach of the Capital by Trump Backers. They will now elect permanent hegemony.

1. The obvious: violence and property destruction all summer by the left—still continuing in Portland et al.— tolerated by politicians and ignored by most of media which is now outraged by the breach of the Capitol. Sedition!! Insurrection!! How quickly they forget all the violence by the left, including the riots in DC before, during, and after Trump’s inauguration. Imagine the rioting if Trump had won. It would have made what happened at the Capitol seem like child’s play. And the media and the left would have talked about “mostly peaceful” protests.

2. With control of Congress (assuming Ossoff wins, which seems like a done deal), the Democrats will make victory permanent by adding DC and Puerto Rico as states, giving amnesty to millions of illegals so they can vote, ramp up legal immigration, and finish the demographic revolution ahead of schedule.

3. Big Tech will ramp up censorship, and Congress may well enact “hate speech” laws with prison and fines for the dissident right, which Biden will be only too happy to sign. Websites like this one may well be targets. If SCOTUS strikes down such laws, they will pack the Court. Or maybe just pack the Court anyway, as seems to be mainstream among Democrats.

3. A large percentage of the right believes the election was stolen (it was). I don’t think this attitude will go away, and when they realize they can’t win elections because of what the new government is doing, all bets are off. The left will use violence from the right to rationalize left authoritarianism, and with all that media power and political hegemony, they may succeed; again, fines and prison for rightest dissenters. There may well be very serious secession movements by Red State America. In any case, it’s not over until it’s over.

4. Ultimately this has come about because of the anti-White demographic revolution set into motion by the 1965 immigration law and the gradual increases in numbers of legal immigrants and illegal immigrants whose children become citizens. There’s no way that Georgia would vote for leftist radicals like Ossoff and Warnock without the demographic shift. The revolution was rationalized by the leftist media and academic culture which is now preaching Critical Race Theory aimed at inducing guilt in Whites and convincing Whites to punish other Whites who dissent from the new —what is called altruistic punishment by evolutionists (White people are particularly prone to this—long story). It’s redundant here to point out the outsize Jewish role in all this, but suffice it to say that this is the endgame dreamed of by the activist left for the last century. Their take-home message from the 2016 election was that Trump’s populist rhetoric was popular with a majority of Americans and if given enough time could have been enacted into policy. The policies Trump enunciated in 2016 had the prospect of at least slowing down the White demographic disaster, especially if these attitudes became even more entrenched with four more years of Trump and followed by someone with fewer rough edges, more political skill, and more of a mandate to do what needs to be done. The implicit mantra on the left was “Never Again,” and they pulled out all the stops to defeat him—not only the election fraud but also but the huge boost from most of the media in ginning up Trump hate and bogus impeachment Inquisitions while ignoring (mainstream media) or censoring (Twitter, Facebook) anything bad about Biden. Most notably Hunter Biden’s scandalous deals in China and Ukraine, with a cut for the “Big Guy.” Of course, there may well be a Democrat Plan B to get serious about Biden corruption and impeach him in favor of Harris.

5. There will be a big fight in the GOP over Trump’s legacy and whether Trumpists will be the future of the party. The neocons will try to make a comeback and the Chamber of Commerce types never left. But IMO there’s no way they can get a majority of the GOP behind them. The GOP is a populist party now and it’s not going away.

6. But like I said, it’s not over until it’s over. It’s just that the hole we were in, already deep, just got a whole lot deeper. But remember, when the Roman Republic ended, there was no great regret because the Republic was dysfunctional. It’s increasingly obvious that the US is dysfunctional. Which suggests that ultimately there will be an authoritarian government of the left (more likely right now) or right. Or secession.

Addendum: Conservatives on FOX News are saying things like “It was a bad election, but we have to fix that by changing the laws and going to court, not violence”—e.g., Trey Gowdy. The problem is that the left realizes that this could happen and that’s why they will do all they can to make it permanent. “Never Again.” As always, principled conservatives are happy to go down believing in the principles.

Addendum 2: I get the argument that storming the Capitol will strengthen the left. But should Trump supporters have just gone home when they sincerely & not without reason think the election was stolen? The left wouldn’t have. Stealing election is the ultimate political crime in a democracy.

Kevin MacDonald

There is No Next Time

Written by me yesterday, on 1/6/21, the day Congress validated Joe Biden’s fraudulently obtained election:

Today didn’t go well, and I didn’t think it would. Pence was a disaster. Trump’s Twitter account (I just read) was suspended. The violence in D.C. was understandable, though it accomplished little and some are saying it was done by Antifa or BLM masquerading as Trump supporters. The leftists have hijacked the Constitutional system, which deserved legitimacy, and are now using it against us. They got the U.S. Senate the same way, which obliterates the Fox News/RINO idea that we preserve the system, let Trump go, fight Biden in the Senate and win next time. There is no next time.

Once they get away with fraud, all elections become meaningless. Project for a moment Trump running again in 2024. He would just lose again. So will any meaningful candidate. There’s really no way out that I can see–either it’s submission or secession. We are now trapped in a choice between dictatorship or civil war. And THEY are the ones who hijacked America! It’s the greatest victory for evil, maybe ever. In the long run evil still cannot win; but these horrible fascist-Communists have gained ground unlike ever before seen in America. It’s kind of like 1945…and the Japanese and the Nazis won.

Breitbart News reports: The former president [Barack Obama] urged Americans to unite behind President-elect Joe Biden, who promised to restore unity. “It’s up to all of us as Americans, regardless of party, to support him in that goal,” Obama concluded. [I guess Biden was sleeping while Obama spoke for him.]

Nope. I won’t endorse my enslavement by a corrupt, left-wing totalitarian dishonestly “elected” cabal. I will kick, scream, subvert, lie, dissent, go underground, and do whatever else it takes to assist in the utter failure and ultimate defeat of this ridiculous charade. Unity? There is no unity in self-destruction.

I believe there are 75 million people who stand ready and dedicated to make the rulers taking over the former American republic just as miserable as they can be. You attack us, you insult us, you belittle us, you crush all our liberty, you place us under permanent house arrest and you create a situation where we have nothing to lose. Whatever happens is all on you, creeps.

Update on 1/7/21: President Trump has pledged an “orderly transition” to the Biden regime. Do NOT call it a “Biden administration”. Those days are over. America is now run by a cabal; in all honesty, it probably has been for a long time, even (in part) during the Trump years. The newly empowered legalized criminal enterprise undoubtedly stole the U.S. Senate and they’re coming for all of us next. It’s only a matter of time and specifics.

At least don’t pay them the dignity or tribute of civilized language or the respect of legitimate authority. These are not civilized people; they are barbarians in suits. I also hold the average people who voted for this catastrophe morally responsible for everything bad that happens going forward. I am talking of your neighbors, friends, relatives … all of them. They did it. Perhaps other countries, filled with ignorant and illiterate people can claim a partial excuse when falling for Communism, socialism or fascism. America, for the most part a free country for its 200-plus years as a republic, had no such excuse. WE (present company excluded) were the generation that lost it all.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason


have two words for the Republican Party establishment: Not Happy Birthday. It’s along the lines of “Trump You,” using a few different letters earlier in the alphabet.

Most Trump supporters, like myself, have been optimistic that just like in the movies, good will win out over evil, middle earth will live in peace with men, elves, and dwarves coexisting for the common good, rather than being enslaved like orcs. I believed a divinely inspired nation would not fall to the dark side. But alas real life isn’t mirroring the big screen, at least not today.

I’m frustrated for many reasons including Georgia’s senate seats predictably going to the Democrats, both new senators corrupt and incompetent, although the Republican options were not much better. The Georgia election was stolen in the same manner as the presidential election two months ago.

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, as the saying goes. The Republican Party poo-pooed electoral fraud and made no effort to investigate or at least make a stink about it, with the exception of only a handful of GOP members of Congress.

Others like Mitt Romney castigated Trump for complaining about a stolen election. It’s ironic that Romney most likely lost in 2012 due to the same cheating that occurred in 2020. In 59 Philadelphia precincts, not a single vote was cast for Romney. Anyone want to bet that election was stolen from Romney just as it was for Trump with bogus ballots and rigged vote counting? Yet Trump fought back and Romney, like a sap, grinned and walked away. What a gentleman. What a loser.

The Georgia senate race followed the pattern of two months ago, with a Republican governor and secretary of state defending the corruption and preventing any investigation or accountability, and as expected, with the same election results. Several precincts stopped counting votes for the night and by the next day Fox News declared the two Democrats the winners. At least they waited until most of the votes were counted, unlike on Nov. 3 when they called Arizona for Biden after only a few votes were cast.

Vice-President Pence took a page from the U.S. Supreme Court and voted ‘present.’ Is he a deep state plant, or a traitor, as attorney Lin Wood asserts? Is Wood off his rocker or is he one of the few in Washington, D.C. brave enough to say the emperor is wearing no clothes? He is an accomplished defamation lawyer who understands better than anyone the consequences of such accusations.

What playbook did Pence follow, that of the White House or the deep state? The jury is still out on Pence. Perhaps the “greatest show on earth” is still playing out.

Where are state level Republicans, governors and legislatures, those charged with certifying electors? They too voted ‘present,’ preferring to look the other way toward their future lobbying gigs while saying to hell with the Constitution and free and fair elections.

So called “conservative” pundits are acting anything but. One recent example is Erick Erickson, once conservative enough to guest host the Rush Limbaugh show, wants the police to shoot Trump supporters as well as impeach and convict Trump. Given the new Congress and contingent of NeverTrumpers, they might pull this off in the next two weeks.

Another phony conservative, Bill Kristol, wants the protesters cleared followed by Trump’s impeachment and conviction. Why doesn’t he just lead a brigade of Antifa to storm the White House with pitchforks and a guillotine?

Funny how the media had no problem with BLM and Antifa riots all summer, yet a few hours of supposed Trump supporters engaged in what CNN previously described as a “peaceful protest” has the media now in a lather. How do they even know who the Capitol rioters even were? Antifa can carry a flag and wear a MAGA hat, as facial recognition noted.

Trump asks, “Where’s Hunter?” but I ask, “Where’s the GOP?” The party of eunuchs is terrified to oppose anything. They were silent over Spygate and a summer of riots destroying American cities. They offered no pushback over punishing lockdowns and business closures. Through their silence, they endorse electoral fraud and their political suicide.

The Republican Party, through their inaction, has made themselves permanently irrelevant. No Republican will ever get near the White House. Democrats will keep enough Republicans around as pets, useful idiots, below any threshold needed to stop a constitutional amendment or any other legislation.

If elections can be stolen this easily, twice in two months, Republicans are destined for a long walk in the wilderness. Electoral fraud will be institutionalized, the type of cheating Jimmy Carter and UN observers would be screaming about if it happened in any backwater third-world country.

Then it’s on to the legislation. Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, open borders, amnesty, taxes on everything, abolishment of the Electoral College and the elimination of several inconvenient amendments in the Bill of Rights, fundamentally transforming America, Obama style, into Cuba or Venezuela. Don’t think this will happen? Ask a former Clinton spokesman who is pushing exactly this.

Republicans, through their passivity or in some cases encouragement, brought one party rule to an already divided country, miserable after a year of COVID diktats. They deserve their future irrelevancy.

Lastly, I cannot leave President Trump out of my rant. I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning, writing my first pro-Trump article in early July 2015, just weeks after the famous escalator ride at Trump Tower.

Trump has been the most powerful person in the world for the past four years, the chief executive of America, with its vast investigative and intelligence capabilities. He told us repeatedly “we have it all” and “we caught them all,” yet there has been no reckoning or punishment for anything. Trump had the power to act, and if he didn’t, then that’s on him.

Where are the declassifications? Where are the spygate indictments? Where is the DNI report on electoral fraud? Where’s the promised storm? Where’s the kraken?

Who will act if Trump doesn’t pull this out? The myriad scandals will be buried faster than the sexual assault allegations against Biden. Despite promises of a biblical storm and pain for the corrupt, there has been nothing. If Trump leaves office and these promises haven’t materialized, that’s on him.

Which is why I still hold out hope. It is out of character for Trump to lose in this fashion, especially since he has telegraphed everything since before he was elected in 2016. He knows a weaponized Biden government will destroy him and his family.

I still hold out hope, despite such hope being slim and getting slimmer by the day. But where is Trump’s party? Without Trump, Hillary Clinton would be preparing for her second term with Democrats running the show in Congress. Yet the GOP is out to lunch, or else running from Trump as if he has cooties.

They can go the way of the Whigs. Perhaps a new “Patriot Party” relegates the GOP to a footnote in the history books. But they brought this on and fought tooth and nail to keep Trump from Making America Great Again, far harder than they fought Obama against any of his dreams or schemes. So to the GOP I say, Trump You!

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and freelance writer. Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Parler, and QuodVerum.

The Democrats are Evil. And Evil Cannot Win.

Problems faced by Democrats as they try to impose unlimited government on America:

1) America isn’t psychologically prepared for dictatorship. Democrats will try to rule like dictators, but they will be surprised.

2) Democratic officials are modern-day savages. Once it’s clear they no longer have Republican opposition, and America is (officially) now all one party, the in-fighting will be spectacular. You’re already seeing this with AOC vs. Chuck Schumer, and Andrew Cuomo vs. de Blasio. We would do well to let them destroy each other, as we try to figure out our own options in a post-republic America.

3) Democrats rode to power on fraud. Fraud is weakness. Yes, clearly it carried the day in November, and (it appears) once again in Georgia. Fraud can work. But it can’t ever really work — especially when half of the greatest country in human history KNOWS you are a fraud. It will have consequences. Especially once Trump exits, assuming he does. Trump’s departure — which will not really be a departure — will resonate emotionally with patriots like few things we have ever seen in this country. We are in totally new territory here.

4) Democrats rely on the Constitution they seek to destroy. They want to destroy the Bill of Rights. But they invoke that very Bill of Rights, over and over, to get their way. It’s a cynical tactic, but it’s also weakness. When you’re right, you don’t need such tactics.

5) Democrats, like all tyrants, are riddled with anxiety. Hitler and Stalin were reportedly riddled with anxiety. How could they not be? They take on the impossible. Yes, totalitarianism is evil; but it’s also impossible. The simple truth will always be: You cannot control billions of your fellow men. No matter how much you think you can, you never will. Democrats are a high-speed train headed toward a brick wall. They will bring down many innocent and good people with them. But when they crash, it will be loud, more piercing than anything in all of human history.

6) Most people who vote Democratic are gullible, ignorant fools. They have no idea what they have done. It will blow back on them in all kinds of ways they cannot imagine. They won’t be able to credibly blame the people they have disenfranchised and censored. They will be alone with their errors. Will they ever acknowledge or realize it? Probably not. But they will be alone, more alone than you or I could ever feel at present.

Be of good cheer, going forward. Evil is impotent. By its nature, it’s at war with objective reality and with the thoughtful reasoning mankind needs to survive. Evil has won many battles lately; but it can’t win the war. It will never win the war.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

The Party of Revenge

The upcoming year should be interesting. The Establishment “Deep State” has won a major victory in the United States with the election of Joe Biden as president. What remains to be seen is whether or not there will be significant bloodletting as a consequence, revenge for the presumed misdeeds that constituted the core legacy of four years of Donald J. Trump as chief executive. Many in the Democratic Party harbor deep resentments that go back to the election of 2016, which spawned the myth that foreign interference by the Russians was responsible for the upset victory by the GOP candidate. Even at this distance, few if any Democrats are willing to admit that Hillary Clinton was a deeply flawed candidate whose condescension towards whole categories of voters ultimately inspired many “undecideds” to vote against her.

Indeed, Trump came closer to repeating his improbable victory in 2020 than anyone would have predicted and the stench of possible widespread fraud continues to hang over the result. Donald Trump entered office with a pledge to “drain the swamp,” something that he found more difficult to actually do rather than just talk about doing. The Democrats will surely now work hard to methodically eliminate all political appointees in the vast bureaucracy guilty of Trumpism.

That replacement of bureaucrats is referred to as the “spoils systems” and it is to be expected, but there is something more sinister in the works with leading Democrats and some journalists calling for heads to roll, metaphorically to be sure but with real impact on the lives of those who supported the losing side. The Washington Post’s resident Trump-hating Zionist Jennifer Rubin summed it up nicely in a tweet three days after the election, posting “Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into ‘polite’ society. We have a list.”

And Bill Clinton’s former Labor Secretary Robert Reich has been even more explicit, tweeting a demand to create a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” The commission borrows the name and would be modeled on the organization set up in South Africa after the fall of the apartheid government and the establishment of majority black rule, an exercise in attempted democratization that has nevertheless failed to put an end to extremely high levels of corruption and communal violence in the country.

Reich’s objective is not limited to punishing the Trump White House’s top officials who may have promoted policies considered anathema by the incoming Democratic administration. He has also tweeted “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.” The Reich proposal would potentially mean punishing thousands of otherwise innocent individuals who had little influence over what happened during the past four years. “Enabled” covers a lot of ground, and is prone to devolve into something like a witch hunt.

One Reich supporter wrote in defense of the proposal “As long as unresolved historic injustices continue to fester in the world, there will be a demand for truth commissions” and there have been numerous comments on social media sites like Facebook insisting that “something be done” about the “deplorables” who voted for and supported Trump. Interestingly, even though the comments constitute actual threats, Facebook has not deleted them, unlike the elimination of posts that run afoul of the censors by questioning the validity of the election or challenging conventional wisdom on COVID-19.

Another commenter on twitter agreed with Reich, though complaining “But it doesn’t go far enough, clearly. Trump’s assets and those of his voters should be seized by the state through legislation and distributed to those he’s harmed as reparations. Surely that’s the only way to heal our nation. Land of the free!” And finally, still another cheerleader enthused “Robert… you’re right. And after we win… we’ll come for you all… we’re pretty much over trying to share a country with you anyway. Four years ago I thought you were people with bad ideas. I was wrong: YOU’RE BAD PEOPLE.”

To be sure, Trump invited much of the hostile response to what he represents when he held rallies where supporters called out Hillary Clinton with chants of “Lock her up!” So the anger is there on both sides and momentum is building not just to replace or ignore Trump’s associates and his supporters, but to punish them for their alleged inability to comprehend the many benefits derived from Democratic Party rule. As no mechanism actually exists to enable the new regime to punish supporters of the previous administration, unless they have actually committed a crime, one suspects the process of purging the bureaucracy and voters rolls will pretty much be improvised while Biden and Harris get settled in.

Donald Trump also does not help either himself or the cause he represents. His insults and abusive language invite hostility, having his tweets turn allies into enemies and making friends of the “revolution” that he represents wish that he would just shut up. Current media reports suggesting that he might not vacate the White House on January 20th as he continues to be convinced that he won invite a nasty response from the Democrats. Ex-president Barack Obama has warned, possibly in jest, that Trump might need to be removed forcibly by Navy SEALS.

And, of course, violence could beget violence. If denigration of Trump supporters followed by a real purge does take place it will impact on the tens of millions of voters who still believe President Trump should have won re-election but for fraud. They are ready for a fight, and not necessarily limited to the metaphoric. As I said in the beginning, it could be an interesting year here in America.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is