The Environmentalist Assault on Civilization

This is understandable, and woke ideology and the policies it spawns are ridiculous, destructive folly that must be crushed. But the highly visible depredations of woke activists become even more dangerous if they distract us from the encroachments green policies are making into every detail of individual private lives. The harmful impacts of the green machine are, in many ways, far more substantial and comprehensive.

The Upside of Green Policies for Big Business

When California, and then the entire nation, bans the production of incandescent light bulbs, that is an obvious intrusion into the market and the quality of life for everyday Californians. But less obvious is the inversion of incentives that drive the push for energy efficiency at the expense of health or affordability. As Californians pay exorbitant prices to bathe themselves in high wavelength light, disrupting their circadian rhythms, and as Californians endure the unhealthy micro-flickers of LEDs hooked to inadequate transformers, manufacturers gain new customers and sell higher-priced goods.

A more subtle green inversion of economic incentives, but just as contrary to the public interest, is when electric utilities convert to “renewables” (i.e., wind farms, solar farms, and battery farms) at staggering cost, while decommissioning fully paid-for nuclear power plantshydroelectric dams, and natural gas power plants. As the electricity price to the consumer soars, the regulated public utilities earn more profits, since their pricing and hence their profits are based on a percentage markup over their costs. If your profit is limited to 9 percent, you’ll make a lot more money if you’re billing 30 cents per kilowatt-hour than if you’re billing 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. That’s an easy business decision.

It is obvious when dams are removed instead of new ones being built that farmers get less water. But less obvious are the ripple effects. Without a guaranteed water supply, new housing construction can’t get approved, limiting the supply of new homes and driving up the price for all housing. Then again, housing in California is too expensive anyway, thanks to green policies that limit where new homes can get built, absurdly overwritten building codes requiring “energy neutrality,” obscenely expensive costs for building permits, a capricious approval process that—without exaggeration—can take decades to navigate, and the constant threat of litigation by environmentalists to stop any new construction.

For every fundamental necessity, gasoline, natural gas, water, electricity, and housing, California’s green policies have created artificial scarcity. Everything costs more. The poor have lost all hope of achieving private financial independence, the middle class shrinks, and the rich get richer. A frustrated lobbyist in Sacramento recently summed it up: “Most environmentalists don’t care about people,” he said, “the old Democratic Party wanted to use government to make people’s lives better, but today their solution is to use government to make life harder then hook them to make them dependent on government. They want to use government to destroy the incentive to be productive. But if you kill off all the productive people, eventually society collapses.”

What’s Happening in California Is Happening Everywhere

It’s one thing to impose green scarcity on California, a state that can coast a while longer on the infrastructure investments of 50 years ago and rely on tapping the stupefying accumulation of wealth concentrated in its high-tech industry. But the marionettes that are implementing the green assault on civilization are everywhere.

One of the most recent fronts in their widening war on prosperity is the farming sector, from Canada and Spain to the Netherlands and Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Based on the contention that farm fertilizer is a factor in causing climate change, policymakers have decided to shut down huge sectors of commercial agriculture. The new regulations that will permit continued operations, of course, will be far too expensive for all but the largest global agribusiness concerns.

It’s not hard to see what’s happening here. There is no economic activity, anywhere, that doesn’t create greenhouse gas. Make it impossible for all but the wealthiest corporations to comply with the new edicts, and you roll up the world.

One of the most recent fronts in their widening war on prosperity is the farming sector, from Canada and Spain to the Netherlands and Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Based on the contention that farm fertilizer is a factor in causing climate change, policymakers have decided to shut down huge sectors of commercial agriculture. The new regulations that will permit continued operations, of course, will be far too expensive for all but the largest global agribusiness concerns.

It’s not hard to see what’s happening here. There is no economic activity, anywhere, that doesn’t create greenhouse gas. Make it impossible for all but the wealthiest corporations to comply with the new edicts, and you roll up the world.

Unfortunately, when a rare thunderstorm delivers atomic-sounding sonic blasts to uninitiated Californians whose only previous experiences with sound that kinetic were the occasional punk driving by with his subwoofer turned up, they’re ready to believe the storm porn that pours out of every establishment news source. “Bomb cyclone.” “Polar vortex.” “Atmospheric River.” “Supercell.” “Snowpocalypse.” It’s all part of the “new normal,” as we allegedly encounter more and more “extreme weather events.”

Except we aren’t.

Old-timers can remember the 1960s, when storms pulverized California, causing floods and freezes, but back then we didn’t listen to climate agenda-driven news. Storms were “storms.” And there weren’t ubiquitous high-resolution satellite images and video editing tools to allow every local weatherman to splash terrifying images onto our screens of cloud formations covering half the Pacific Ocean. But that doesn’t mean such cloud formations didn’t exist.

Around the world, the same game is played. Pakistan’s recent floods, despite the doomsday spin from PBS, were not abnormal because of “climate change.” They were an abnormal catastrophe because in just 60 years, the population of that nation has grown from 45 million to 240 million people. They’ve channelized their rivers, built dense new settlements onto what were once floodplains and other marginal land, they’ve denuded their forestswhich took away the capacity to absorb runoff, and they’ve paved thousands of square miles creating impervious surfaces where water can’t percolate. Of course a big storm made a mess. The weather didn’t change. The landscape changed.

The disaster story repeats everywhere. And contrary to the narrative, the primary cause is not “climate change.” Bigger tsunamis? Maybe it’s because coastal aquifers were overdrafted which caused land subsidence, or because previously uninhabited tidelands were settled because the population quintupled in less than two generations, and because coastal mangrove forests were destroyed which used to attenuate big waves. What about deforestation? Perhaps because these nations have been denied the ability to develop natural gas and hydroelectric power, they’re stripping away the forests for fuel to cook their food. In some cases, they’re burning their forests to make room for biofuel plantations, in a towering display of irony and corruption.

The Biggest Big Lie in the World

And behind it all is a big lie: the “climate emergency.” It’s not true.

Anyone hoping to stop the environmentalist assault on civilization must realize that it isn’t enough to challenge the individual policies that are supposedly designed to save the climate. It isn’t even enough to expose the preposterous, nihilistic, catastrophic, civilization-destroying absurdity of them—as if it is possible to transition to nothing but biofuel, wind, and solar energy and still deliver prosperity to 8 billion people within a decade or two.

What could work, however, would be to challenge the core premise of the climate alarmist movement. Learn the facts, evaluate the arguments of contrarian experts, and make up your own mind. If you no longer believe we actually face a climate emergency, say so, without reservations, in every venue and to every person and institution you can possibly influence.

Doing this may be deemed antisocial, and it may be suppressed, but it is a healthy expression of sanity. It used to be that when someone ran about claiming the world is about to end, that person was considered a lunatic. Let’s go back to those days. Human civilization could be entering a golden age of progress and prosperity, but it cannot get there without producing carbon dioxide.

With prosperity, we can adapt as we always have. With tyranny and poverty, we can do nothing. Climate alarmism is tyranny with green wrapping, delivered with terror.

Edward Ring

Leftists care nothing about ‘facts’ on climate. They care only about power

I have been reading a book called Factfulness by Hans Rosling. It is a bestseller.

The book is full of charts and graphs and global statistics from the United Nations through 2016. As a nerd who loves numbers and facts, I find that it is truly a great book.

The radical, leftist fear-monger billionaire Bill Gates, who sponsors a program that claims that students who get the correct answer and show their work in math amounts to white supremacy and racism, also loved the book. On the cover is a quote from Gates: “One of the most important books I’ve ever read — an indispensable guide to thinking clearly about the world.”

The basic premise of the book is that the people of the world don’t know about all the rapid progress throughout the world because the media mislead the public. The author should have included educators, entertainers, politicians, and many billionaires, including Gates himself, as people who collude to intentionally misinform the public. The more the public is scared, the more power and money these people confiscate.

Here are three, of the many, facts in the book:

Life expectancy throughout the world stayed flat at around thirty for 8,000 years, until the 1800s. Then it more than doubled in less than 200 years to more than seventy today. What happened in the 1800s? We started using oil and coal and got electricity. Thousands of products that greatly improve our quality and length of life are derived from crude oil.

Number 2: Women throughout the world are having fewer children. The author gave two reasons. The first is that many more children survive past the age of five than they did in the past. The second is that as the economy and productivity improve, fewer children are needed to perform labor.

Think of farming in the U.S. in the 1800s, where around 90% of the people lived on farms. Today, the number is around one percent. The gas combustion engine, tractors, combines, and other oil-powered equipment have allowed the world to be fed with very few people doing the work.

Number 3: The number of deaths from natural disasters went down by more than half in the last hundred years even while the population went up from around 1.8 billion to around 7.7 billion.

Very few people would guess this fact, considering that every day we are bombarded with talking points about the existential threat of climate change caused by humans and oil. Every time we get a major storm, a flood, a drought, or fires, we are told the lie that it is the worst it has ever been as they push the agenda for more government control and to stop using oil.

Here are some climate facts that we do not see in the media, on TV shows, in movies or in schools because they do not fit the agenda:

Climate Claim Fact Checks:

Climate Change Fact Checks

Climate Change Claim Fact Checks With updates through 01/05/21

Below are a series of rebuttals of the 13 most common climate alarmists’ claims such as those made in the recently r” style=”background: transparent; font-size: inherit !important;”>Heat Waves — have been decreasing since the 1930s in the U.S. and globally.

Hurricanes — the decade just ended as the second quietest for land-falling. hurricanes and land-falling major hurricanes in the U.S. since the 1850s. Twenty twenty saw a record 30 named storms and many Gulf impacts like the quiet solar periods in the late 1800s and this century, but the AC index ranked 13th highest. See 2020 Update showing similarities to late 1800s here and global contrasts here.

Tornadoes — the number of strong tornadoes has declined over the last half-century. More active months occur when unseasonable cold spring patterns are present.

Droughts and Floods — there have been no statistically significant trends.

Wildfires — decreasing since the very active 1800s. The increase in damage in recent years is due to population growth in vulnerable areas and poor forest management. See Australia wildfire story here. See this analysis that shows how public lands are ablaze but private lands are not because they are properly managed here.

Here are some more facts that the media could find about the last 140 years, if they cared, with a couple of hours of simple research:

Crude oil usage in 1880 — 55,000 barrels per day. 2019 — 98 million barrels per day. That is up 1,781 times.

Sea levels appear to have risen less than one foot in the last 140 years. For the Pacific Ocean, that would be 0.000028 out of 36,000.

CO2 content, 1880: around 280 parts per million. Today, over 400 PPM or up 40%. CO2 is a clear, innocuous, non-pollutant gas that allows the world to be fed. Lithium, which the leftists promote, is a very flammable pollutant.

The population has increased from around 1.5 billion in 1880 to around 7.7 billion today, or up over 400%.

A little ice age ended around 1850. The Earth has had several lengthy warming and cooling periods where oil, coal, and humans could not have had any impact.

Scientists estimate that the Earth has warmed around one to two degrees (around 3%) Fahrenheit since 1880. That would be minimal and normal after an ice age ended.

As for Arctic ice: It is around 5.3% lower than the average of 1981 to 2010. Some 95% left is a far cry from being gone, which is what we are constantly being told was going to happen in a short time. The measurements started in 1980. It should be noted that the ice has always melted and thickened with seasons. See this:

Arctic sea ice extent averaged for March 2021 was 14.64 million square kilometers (5.65 million square miles). This was 350,000 squ6are kilometers (135,000 square miles) above the record minimum set in 2017 and 790,000 square kilometers (305,000 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 average.

There is clearly no direct correlation among oil use, CO2, and population and temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity. Why the heck would we destroy industries and our quality and length of life based on computer models when the scientific facts don’t justify the destruction?

Here is what the media reports to the public as it attempts to indoctrinate and push the agenda. Children are especially susceptible to this propaganda. These are not scientific facts:

In 1922, the AP posted an article that said because of warming, the Arctic ice would soon be gone, coastal cities would be gone, and the oceans were dying. This warning was 100% wrong.

On the first Earth Day in 1970, after over 25 years of global cooling, after 90 years of exponential growth in oil and coal use, after the population from 1.5 billion in 1880 to 3.7 billion in 1970, and a substantial increase in CO2 content, we were told that billions would die from starvation from a catastrophic ice age. This dire prediction was also 100% wrong.

1989: The U.N. and media repeated the same warnings from 1922, and we had only a few years left to solve the existential threat. This dire prediction was 100% wrong.

For decades we have been told there would be snowless winters. This dire prediction was 100% wrong.

In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, we were told storms were worse than ever and the situation was extremely dangerous. After Katrina, we had an extremely mild ten years of hurricanes.

In 2008, ABC showed a piece of pure propaganda saying that because of the melting Arctic, Manhattan would be under water by 2015. This made up “news” was 100% wrong.

2019: The U.N. and media repeated the same warnings from 1922 and 1989, and we had only a few years left to solve the existential threat. This dire prediction is not based on scientific data, but is meant to mislead the public into submission to get rid of oil and push some version of the green new deal which will destroy America. There are no data to support this, so they use manipulated computer models, which spew forth predictions to push an agenda. No matter how wrong previous predictions have been, the media always present these made up predictions as if they are factual, with no questions asked.

The children have repeatedly been told that polar bears and other species are dying rapidly because of humans, oil, and CO2 induced climate change. There are very few identified species which have gone extinct the last 100 years. When we see that tens of thousands of species are dying each year, that is a made up number.

This article names ten species that have gone extinct and says there are 500, but most we would have never heard of. That is not remotely close to what the public is told.

As for polar bears, there now are more than five times the number of them that were on Earth 70 years ago. Today there are between 22,000 and 31,000. In the 1950s, there were around 5,000. They were being killed, like many species, by hunting, not climate change. But that wouldn’t push the radical leftist agenda, so the facts are ignored.

Polar bears have become the face of climate change — here’s the current state of the species

We are repeatedly told the lie that the science is settled to shut off debate because facts would destroy the people pushing these policies.

We are repeatedly told the lie that anyone who disagrees and tells the truth that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally a climate change denier. I have never heard anyone deny that the climate changes. We are called deniers to equate us with Holocaust deniers and to mislead the public into believing we are anti-science and stupid. The purpose of these lies is to silence or cancel us.

Shouldn’t the Biden administration be required to justify its policies with scientific data before it destroys industries that provide thousands of products and employ directly or indirectly tens of millions of people? When will supposed journalists ask questions instead of campaigning for the policies?

Higher energy prices will harm everyone, especially the poor, whom the Democrats claim they care about, especially when they are begging for votes.

It doesn’t matter if the media is making up stuff about climate change, seeking to destroy DeSantis with lies about COVID, bragging about Cuomo’s handling on the virus, lying by saying Trump did nothing on the virus, lying about the voting laws in Georgia and elsewhere, burying true stories about the Biden family’s corruption, pretending that the $1.9-trillion slush fund was about COVID, pretending that the $2.2-trillion slush fund is about infrastructure, or spreading lies about Russian collusion. Most of the media are clearly willing to intentionally mislead the public to gain power and money for Democrats. They truly don’t care how many people and businesses they destroy in the process.

The biggest lie of all is when everyone describes Biden’s and other leftists’ policies as progressive. Most of the media act as if they were sensible policies instead of controversial. There is nothing remotely indicating progress from policies meant to destroy our capitalist economy and to move toward socialism. The proper term would be destructive policies. Biden wants to be the most progressive politician since FDR. He is certainly the most destructive president I have seen in my 68 years.

Jack Hellner, American Thinker