America 2021 and Nazi Germany 1930s: How Alike We Are

Reports of the months and years leading up to Nazi Germany generally include the following characteristics of the people of that time:

Willingness to believe the narratives that fit preconceived notions, rather than objective truth;

Intolerance of those with dissenting views;

Race or cultural membership as above the identity of the individual;

Government as the first if not only solution to every problem;

A willingness to believe the state authorities over profit-making authorities, or even obvious facts.

If you look at 2021 in the United States and the overall Western world, you see exactly the same thing:

Willingness to believe the narratives that fit preconceived notions, rather than objective truth? Try arguing with a leftist Biden supporter about what he or she sees on CNN or MSNBC. Any evidence leading to a contradictory conclusion from the one reported on those propaganda machines is greeted with cries of “racist, intolerant, well, that’s just Fox News” (as if Fox News was much better.)

Intolerance of those with dissenting views? Look at what happens to anyone in corporate America or sports/entertainment who offers a dissenting view. Even die-hard leftist Democrats who challenge some aspects of “cancel culture” — America’s version of Mao’s Cultural Revolution in 1950s and 1960s Communist China — risk being cancelled. We have seen this kind of intolerance before, in Nazi Germany as well as Communist China in the Maoist period especially (read Nien Cheng’s “Life and Death in Shanghai” for vivid details). I am unsure any human society has seen the intensity and level of intolerance of today’s leftists. These people are truly unhinged in their hatred, even with Donald Trump long gone from the White House.

Race or cultural membership as above the identity of the individual? That goes without saying. If you’re white or male, your life must be one long apology tour. Why? Because of anything specific you did? No. Strictly and solely because of your race and gender. The now explicit premise is: “Because of your race and gender, you are inferior. You must atone for that inferiority.” Today’s anti-white and anti-male racists are precisely the same as anti-black, anti-brown or anti-any other race racists. It’s all the same thing. Unless or until you understand this fact, you will not appreciate the madness truly overtaking not just our government, but our entire culture (media, schools, entertainment, sports, corporate world, EVERYTHING).

Government as the first if not only solution to every problem? Look at what Congress has passed. Literally unending spending. Not just to “help out” the destitute, or those impaired by a crisis (COVID) primarily of the government’s and media’s own making; but with the explicit goal of making that “help” permanent. Government is literally competing with low- and medium-wage providers to pay people more money to stay home than go to work. It’s a fact. And, by their own words (and every single one of their actions, including but not limited to getting rid of the filibuster), they’re just getting started. The federal government is spending to the tune of $20, $30, even $40 or $50 trillion dollars in debt … indefinitely, and always expanding for as far as the eye can see. How on earth can this not have consequences? Only someone with a fervent faith in the unlimited power of government to create currency and spend it into infinity will not worry about it.

A willingness to believe the state authorities over profit-making authorities, or even obvious facts? Millions are getting vaccinated. They don’t even have to be forced (although that will come for the minority who defy the commands.) Would these same millions trust any private company who cannot be sued, nor in any way held responsible, for their product — if it were anything other than the vaccine? Would any of these same people getting vaccinated go to a restaurant indemnified from getting sued, or prosecuted criminally, for poisoning people? Would any of these same people getting vaccinated drive a car manufactured by an auto company who can’t be held liable if they fail to put brakes on the car that work beyond 1,000 miles? This is not a rant against vaccinations, and I’m not opposed to the legitimate desire of people to stay physically safe and healthy. But merely on the government’s word, with little to no responsibility on the part of the manufacturer? In the words of their precious, demented felon occupying the Oval Office: “Come on, man!”

In summary, the essential attributes you can expect to give rise to a Nazi Germany are all present — in spades — in 2021 America. That’s why the quasi-military occupation in D.C. — no longer a real government of laws, simply an occupation — is set to exploit everything it can to impose perhaps the greatest dictatorship the world has ever seen.

If that happens, then the great majority of people — in their lack of critical thinking and independence of soul — will have primarily themselves to blame.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Of Course President Trump Should NOT Attend Biden’s “Inauguration”

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., called the Jan. 20 [Joe Biden inaugural] event “an important tradition that demonstrates the peaceful transfer of power to our people and to the world.”

Good grief!

President Trump should NOT attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration. IT WAS NOT A LEGITIMATE ELECTION. Even if it were, the things the “victors” of the election promise to do will eviscerate the Bill of Rights and freedom as Americans have always known it. The fraudulent victors are promising mile-high taxes, unlimited government lockdowns, life-throttling controls on energy production, nationalization of the banking industry, stacking of the Supreme Court to ensure a one-sided majority forever, Soviet-style medicine, gun confiscation and eradication of free speech. And these are just for starters.

On what PLANET do people like this moronic Republican Senator reside? Is he ethically hollow inside? Or just plain stupid? That goes for virtually all Republicans, aside from Rand Paul and a couple of others.

It would be CRAZY and irrational for Donald Trump to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. It would be like going to the victory party of Hitler’s Nazi Germany government, had the German National Socialists defeated the Allies, rather than lost, back in 1945.

Rick Scott’s version of Republican Party virtue-signaling shows how that deservedly defunct party HAS NO COMPREHENSION WHATSOEVER OF ANY PRINCIPLES — least of all the principles they used to claim to stand for, i.e., the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It’s getting more stunning by the hour…no, by the minute. And not in a good way.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason