The Kremlin Never Learns

Thinking that Ukraine had agreed, or was about to agree, to be a neutral country, Russia pulled its troops out of the Kiev area. These troops had surrounded Kiev and occupied its suburbs. When the Russians left, a propaganda blitz erupted in the Western whore media and government councils that the Russians had been defeated and, angry at their defeat, slaughtered civilians, thus committing war crimes like the US committed in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Vietnam, etc.

The difference is that Washington is permitted to commit war crimes, because they are not really war crimes, just acts of promoting democracy.

Another difference is that Washington’s war crimes are real, whereas Russia’s are propaganda creations.

Nevertheless, although innocent, the Russians deserve their beating, because they are so foolish as to continually set themselves up for demonization. How is it possible that after all that has happened, the Kremlin did not comprehend that Russia’s withdrawal, meant as an encouragement to negotiations, would be reported as a defeat and a war crime? Does the Kremlin have any competent advisors? The Kremlin, despite all statements to the contrary, evidentially still thinks the West is honest and will report truthfully the facts and respect Russia’s effort to find a peaceful solution. It is mind blowing that no one in the Kremlin understood that once the Russians withdrew, bodies, dead or play-acting, would be shown on Western media as proof of Putin’s war crimes.

I don’t know why Bloomberg News is so fiercely Russophobic, but here is Bloomberg’s totally false report of Russia’s withdrawal from Bucha. The rest of the Western media is the same or worse:

“President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin should be tried for war crimes as the U.S. and European Union consider more sanctions to further punish Russia—this time for an alleged mass killing of civilians that’s fueled global outrage. The EU condemned atrocities committed against Ukrainian civilians that were discovered as Russia withdrew from around Kyiv, including allegations of torture and executions. Ukraine said more than 400 dead civilians have been found in the towns around Kyiv. In a statement on behalf of the 27-nation bloc, EU chief foreign envoy Josep Borrell blamed the occupying Russian forces for the dead bodies seen strewn across the streets of Bucha. ‘The Russian authorities are responsible for these atrocities, committed while they had effective control of the area,’ Borrell said. ‘The massacres in the town of Bucha and other Ukrainian towns will be inscribed in the list of atrocities committed on European soil.’”

Ukraine, allegedly considering its surrender terms in negotiations, declared the Russian withdrawal to be a Ukrainian military victory with Russian forces driven out by victorious Ukrainian freedom fighters. This is not a narrative that puts pressure on Ukraine to agree to Russia’s demands.

The Russian government has demanded that the UN Security Council investigate the real situation in Bucha, thus setting Russia up for another propaganda blow from the US dominated UN.

There is not a single statement by Washington’s puppet, Ukraine president Zelensky, that supports the negotiations that the Kremlin is conducting. The Kremlin prefers to lose its wars in pointless negotiations. Why doesn’t the Kremlin just go ahead and surrender?

The Russian intervention in Ukraine, had it been properly conducted, could have ended the provocations of Russia that will eventually end in nuclear war. But the Kremlin, determined to show its goodness, failed to recognize that the Satanic West could not care less about facts and good intentions. What Putin’s well-intentioned and limited intervention in Ukraine has achieved is the total demonization of Putin and Russia with the President of the United States calling for Putin to be tried as a war criminal just as were German officers and officials following World War II, despite the evidence. Just as with the Nuremberg Trials, real evidence is not required. In the Western whore media assertion alone rules.

The war underway is a propaganda war, and the Kremlin has lost. The Kremlin’s inability at psyops makes Russian military superiority almost pointless.

Washington’s wars are conducted ruthlessly. Everything is bombed and blown to pieces, including weddings, funerals, kids’ soccer games. The West doesn’t understand war that doesn’t blow everything up. What Russia could have accomplished in 3 days is now in its 41st day. The narrative of Russian aggression is set in stone, and the Russian military has been made to look ineffective. The chance to end the provocations with quick and decisive action was lost.

Will the next provocation be Finland’s entry into NATO, will it be another go at color revolution in Central Asia, or will it be a war crime tribunal with Putin, Lavrov, and Shoigu tried and convicted in absentia?

In the midst of all of this, the Kremlin continues to keep the economies of its NATO enemies alive by exporting its gas.

NOTE: The opinions in this post do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor. A/D

Dumbshit Russians

As readers know, I refer often to “dumbshit Americans.” I am beginning to wonder if the same applies to Russians.

As for dumbshit Americans, the evidence is never ending. We now have a Pew Research poll of Americans, if it is accurate, that finds that 36% of American Republicans and 35% of American Democrats support American military intervention against Russia in Ukraine “even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.” The Poll finds that half of the US population thinks that Russia’s concern with her national security is a “major threat” to US interests.

It blows my mind that more than one-third of the US population are willing to endure nuclear armageddon for the utterly corrupt, nazi-dominated Washington puppet state of Ukraine. Americans have no interest whatsoever in Ukraine, and Ukrainians are an insignificant percentage of the US population. The dumbshit Americans who are willing to go to nuclear war for Ukraine are the dumbshits who sit in front of CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, listen to NPR, read the NY Times and Washington Post. These are people who are brainwashed and live in a false reality created for them by official narratives that serve only the narrow interests of the ruling elite. Most of the dumbshits wouldn’t die for their spouse, parents, or children. But they are so programmed by the whore media that they are willing to die so Ukraine can shell Donbass Russians in their villages and cities. Really, this is stupidity beyond imagination.

I have always thought that Putin and the governing class in Russia were more intelligent, but I am beginning to wonder. Certainly Putin called Washington out at the 2007 Munich Security Conference when he said that Washington’s unipolar world was over, that there were now on the scene other powers with independent interests. However that was 15 years ago. Since that time, other than repel the US orchestrated Georgian attack on South Ossetia and the recent attempt at color revolution in Kazakhstan, Russia has done nothing to protect her vital interests. To the contrary, the Russian central bank placed its foreign exchange reserves abroad where they have been confiscated. The Kremlin has encouraged the West’s opinion of Russia as pussies by permitting eight years of shelling of the Donbass republics by Ukrainian neo-Nazis using weapons provided by Washington and its NATO puppets. And now the Kremlin has permitted all sanction outrages against Russia without applying devastating counter-sanctions. Putin has adopted the role of the government leader who obeys international law alone in the world. Amazingly, Putin thinks this show of righteousness will have an impact on Satan. In a world of gangsters, what good does it do for Putin to respect contracts and private ownership?

As I have often thought, the Kremlin has no idea what it is dealing with. Russia is riddled with doubt about the Soviet past and is a sitting duck for Washington’s psyops operation.

As I said would happen, Russia’s go-slow war has played 100% into their enemies’ hands. Russia needed a quick victory to forestall a devastating psyops campaign against her and to intimidate further NATO expansion. What the Kremlin achieved by believing that the West would respect humanitarian intentions is infamy. Instead of discouraging provocations of Russia that will eventually lead to nuclear war, the Kremlin’s liberal goody-goodly war policy, which the West sees as irresolution, has encouraged more provocations Now the Kremlin is faced with in a few days the former Russian province of Georgia participating with NATO in military exercises. Finland, seeing nothing but Russian weakness in Ukraine, as portrayed by the Western pressititues, is now brave enough to apply for NATO membership.

It looks as if it will take the Russian military longer to subdue part of powerless Ukraine than it took Hitler to conquer all of Europe. This does not impress Europeans that it is dangerous to provoke Russia. It doesn’t shake the belief in the expansion of NATO. All NATO members know that the expansion of NATO is an offensive measure, not a defensive one. The purpose of missile bases on Russia’s border is to remove Russia as a constraint on Washington’s hegemony.

The Saker and Andrei Martyanov defend Russia’s military capability, but what good is it if it cannot be used, because the Kremlin doesn’t want to harm many civilians or scare Europe? Putin thinks that Washington’s empire is going to fail, but not when Europe sees Russia failing. If reports are correct, the Kremlin didn’t even have enough sense to get its foreign exchange reserves out of the hands of its enemies, where they have been confiscated, before initiating its limited military intervention in Ukraine.

The question that the Russian press hasn’t asked is why did Russia’s Finance Minister, Anton Siluanov, who has announced that half of Russia’s gold and foreign exchange has been seized by sanctions, permit the incompetent head of the Russian bank, Elvira Nabiullina, to disperse Russia’s foreign exchange reserves abroad where it was easily stolen by the sanctions? This level of incompetence is unbelievable even in a third world country. Why does Putin support these obviously incompetent officials whose every action supports the effectiveness of the West’s sanctions against Russia?

Russia’s problem is that the Kremlin cannot get its mind around the fact that the West is Russia’s enemy, not its partner. The Foreign Ministry seems to think that only misunderstandings need to be cleared up so that Russia can be part of the West.

An article published in 2014 explains Russian impotence despite Russia’s clear, and unused, military superiority. The author explains that “President Putin’s inability or unwillingness to stand up more vigorously to the geopolitical aggressions of the Unites States and its allies stems, therefore, not so much from military weakness, or lack of economic resources per se, as it is from the way its economy has become dependent on oligarch’s economic role and, therefore, on the skittish global markets, or the imperialistic whims of Western powers. Sadly, Russia is not alone in grappling with this dilemma of economic dependency and/or vulnerability to globalization of markets—in essence, to the whims of international financial markets, or the aspirations of the global plutocracy.” In all these years, Russia (and China) have done little to insulate themselves from adverse forces operating against them.

In short, Washington conquered Russia in the Yeltsin years when the Russian intellectual class and the oligarchs, who privatized in their bank accounts Russia’s national resources, found that their interests resided in the West and not in Russian sovereignty. The Kremlin, demonstrating its commitment to democracy and openness, has permitted innumerable Western and CIA financed NGOs to operate inside Russia in behalf of Washington.

I am aware that the sanctions against Russia will alert other countries that might have aspirations of sovereignty and that awareness will spread that it is Washington’s hegemony, not Russia, that is a threat to the world. But can this awareness be effective?

The Western pressitutes control the narratives. Facts do not matter to the West, no matter how many times Putin and Lavrov stress the facts. They waste their time and energy.

In the Western world facts are powerless, as is evidence of all kind. In the place of facts there are official narratives that turn lies into truth and that turn fiction into fact. The Russians waste their time responding to false accusations. The accusations are a psyops operation. By responding the Kremlin validates the accusations.

I have come to the conclusion that the Kremlin lacks the awareness that it is dealing with evil that is smarter and more determined than the Kremlin. The Kremlin’s failure to deal with the West with force is leading the world to nuclear armageddon. Washington, sensing Russian weakness and having so many allies against Russia is going to push the provocations to the point that the only alternative to Russia’s surrender is nuclear war.

Even The Saker, a needless apologist for Russia as objective facts support the Russian case, has come to the conclusion that the situation is “headed towards a full-scale military confrontation (conventional and nuclear) between the Empire of Lies and Russia.”

This is what I said from the beginning. The fact-based world the Russians think is there is not there. The world in which the Kremlin is operating has no relationship to the world in which Washington is operating.

In his speech yesterday Putin showed a dawning realization that the West was closed to Russia and that Russia faces a conflict with a West that “is simply moral degradation, complete de-humanization.”

Only a few, and they are not widely heard, are aware that the West’s sanctions and seizure of Russian central bank assets are acts of war as are US and NATO arms deliveries to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi forces. The Kremlin has warned against interference with their military operation. If the Kremlin chooses to regard the West’s actions as interference, wider war will be upon us. That Washington takes such risks reflects its insistence on hegemony and the Kremlin’s toleration of years of provocations.