Secession Talk….in 2022

And so it begins:

“The delegates of the Republican Party of Texas voted overwhelmingly to add a plank to the party platform calling for a statewide vote for returning to an independent nation. Texas GOP officials told Breitbart Texas the plank received approximately 80 percent of the delegate votes cast at the June state convention.”

Is Secession Next ?

The state of Texas one day will likely have to take the border situation into its own hands if the federal government won’t help, as President Joe Biden is “just unaware of the challenges that are facing us,” Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, who is running for his state’s attorney general position, said on Newsmax Saturday.

“Texas is probably gonna have to assert its sovereignty and do the job of the federal government if they’re not going to do it for us, whether that’s constructing a wall on state lands or interdicting, apprehending, and prosecuting illegals understate trespassing law,” Bush, a Republican, said on Newsmax TV.

“Texas is a big and bold state and we’re going to have to do this job.”

A different kind of Bush, for sure! I believe it’s even worse than he says. Texas will have to secede. I believe under DeSantis, Florida will take the lead. DemComs do not believe in the Constitution, and they are no longer merely a political party; they are an occupation. Like it or not, “Democrats” are already at war with decent, freedom-loving Americans, and they will NEVER let go of power. Just watch and see. At some point, we’re going to have to face the fact that we’re already at war.

Michael J. Hurd

It’s Time for Red States and Red Counties to Exit

The House of Representatives will vote Tuesday on whether to make Washington, D.C., a State.” [Breitbart]

Sure. Bring in D.C. and Puerto Rico. That means 4 more Communists in the U.S. Senate–FOREVER. We’re already getting 4 new Communists on the Supreme Court. Why not go all the way?

My question for red states and red COUNTIES throughout the former USA republic: What reason do you have to stay in this regime? It’s a permanent one-party, far-left cabal where power and policies ARE NEVER GOING TO CHANGE HANDS.

I believe that Texas, South Carolina, Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and other red states should LEAVE this mess. And I believe that red counties in blue states, including New York and California, should also exit. Divide and exit sure beats submission and tyranny.

Let’s start a new free country WITHOUT the left. This new free country will absolutely uphold individual rights, property rights, gun rights, and freedom of speech. Taxes will be minimal and government will only protect us from thugs and criminals–including the rulers of the remaining blue states and counties.

Sound too crazy and radical? Then I guess this means you’re willing to live under a permanent, one-party radical left-wing regime with no hope of ever enjoying any freedom again. I am ready for the EXIT. If you value the liberty and freedom you no longer have, you had better seriously consider it.

Let’s just get it over with. It’s going to happen anyway, unless 70 million Americans roll over and decide to give in to the greatest totalitarian dictatorship the world has ever known.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Secession Is A Radical Solution That Sadly Doesn’t Seem So Radical Any More

Some things in life are constant. My entire life America has been one of those things. Despite Vietnam, Watergate, Iran Contra, the Dot Com bubble, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Great Recession and more, the United States has been constant.

America, rife with internal conflicts, differing opinions and more than a few lying politicians was always the land of freedom, the land of opportunity, and the land of endless possibilities.

America and freedom were like the earth below us and the sun and the stars above… constants.

But constant is relative… Wait long enough and the earth will be gone. Wait long enough and the sun and the stars will be gone. So too with nations. Ronald Reagan knew this. He said: Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. That generation is upon us and we are most certainly watching in real time as American freedom is extinguished, and with it America.

America was fundamentally built on freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution. Freedom of speech, religion, the right to peaceably to assemble and to petition the Government. But it’s not just the Constitution itself that makes America. It’s ideas that flow from it and our history. Free markets, private property, entrepreneurship, 4th of July, baseball, high school debate team, cars, suburbs, bake sales, Thanksgiving dinner, spelling bees, Pledge of Allegiance, Christmas antlers, the National Anthem and more.

All of that, both the actual rights and the ideas beyond them all are under attack in America of 2021. Whether petty tyrants using the Covid hysteria to eviscerate our freedoms of religion and assembly and to crush our businesses or social media oligarchs shutting down debate in the 21st century town square or education departments causing Martin Luther King to spin in his grave as they abandon his dream, the America of Norman Rockwell paintings is being torn apart idea by idea by idea.

This past summer Americans were helpless as cities from coast to coast burned in response to the killing of George Floyd and they were told the violence was understandable and “mostly peaceful protests”. This past year many Americans saw their lives upended as their jobs or businesses were destroyed, their families turned into strangers and churches and schools turned into ghost towns as a result of a disease with a 99.99% survival rate, but we were told that America was facing the gravest public health threat in history. Now we’re watching as children are taught that math is racist, that hard work is racist, and there is no difference between boys and girls and we’re told that all of this is healthy and reasonable.

At the same time, we’ve watched our history upended as we see monuments to our heroes, from Columbus to Washington to Grant and Lincoln to Booker T. Washington to Reagan toppled in the name of racism! We’ve watched the indoctrination of grievance as the defining characteristic of American life. We’ve witnessed the politicization of every single aspect of American society, where everything from sitcoms to sports to sex no longer have intrinsic value on their own, but rather have become mere Rorschach tests for measuring one’s degree of submission to the new normal.

America has become a nation where objective reality no longer matters, where the free exchange of ideas is no longer allowed and where the exercise of an individual’s rights are tolerated only to the degree that they do not hurt the feelings of some aggrieved victim class. America has become a bizzarro world where everything from science to math and history to law are no longer constants upon which society rests but rather malleable frameworks for the destruction of everything that does not comport with todays’ woke mores.

And so it is thorough this looking glass one wonders what is the solution? In 2016 Americans went to the ballot box and said they’d had enough of the perversion of everything ostensibly American into a cancer on the history of the world and elected a leader who was unabashedly patriotic. After four years of constant, relentless lies about said leader they returned to the ballot box and reelected the man who was seeking to upend the demonization of America, only to have the election stolen under the cover of the night. That theft was enabled by the fiction of an existential threat to life on earth posed by a novel virus. Americans went to the ballot box and their will was thwarted.

Rather than set the nation afire, jilted voters looked to the courts for a Constitutional remedy. A split Supreme Court had demurred from solving the problem before the election but after the election had the opportunity to revisit the question before the votes were certified. Again they demurred. Once the fraudulent administration was in place the Court had one last opportunity to address the fraud once and for all, and again chose not to act.

So we have a circumstance where citizens go to the polls only to watch those votes stolen. They then petition the nation’s highest court for redress and are rebuffed. As they watch the cabal who perpetrated the theft work to institutionalize the very tools with which they purloined the election in the first place, what are citizens who revere the Constitution and love liberty supposed to do?

Do they stand by and watch as what’s left of their country is taken over by those for whom freedom and rule of law are simply obstacles to the permanent domination over the nation? Become slaves on a modern day plantation where Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Washington are the masters and the woke anarchists are the overseers who keep everyone in line? Riot in the streets like BLM and Antifa have done so often?

Or they could pursue secession, where the woke are welcome to the coasts while the heartland and the south choose freedom and the Constitution… It is indeed a radical notion, but the constant of the free America most of us knew is gone so perhaps the time has come… When all conventional Constitutional avenues have been impeded, when opponents seek to eliminate citizens’ Constitutional rights and thwart the language of the document itself, what other choice is left? We can accept the slow death of the Republic as the gangrene of wokness starves the body politic of the blood of freedom, or amputate the cancerous limbs and allow freedom to flow once again through the veins of a nation defined by liberty. The left has made the radical normal. Secession is a radical solution that sadly doesn’t seem so radical any more.

Vince, Flopping Aces

Scottish Independence Referendum

American secessionists and states’ rights advocates are rightly disappointed by the outcome of the September 18 Scots Independence Referendum.  Given the decisiveness of the outcome, the result was probably never in doubt.  The Queen didn’t even have to break a sweat, in keeping with her lifelong abstinence from productive labor.  I’ll bet she’s never even broken a fingernail polishing the royal silverware.  But I digress. Continue reading