But propaganda is extremely weak, as is shown by its failure after forty-four years to convert people in the Eastern bloc to communism. Illusion requires incessant repetition in order to mimic the appearance of reality. Propaganda works only through constant reiteration. It is only in quantity that corrupt values, false perceptions, and bogus facts can be sold. Truth, by contrast, though its lot is never easy, makes its way with but a few friends, or even a single utterance. It does not need the apparatus of salesmanship, because reality itself is waiting to confirm it. Hence the power of the beleaguered prophet, or the mothers of the “disappeared” demonstrating daily in Argentina or El Salvador, or the witnesses by the tracks where the White Train carried nuclear explosives to Trident submarine bases: normal people with no economic stake never choose to suffer this much just to lie.

Walter Wink, Future of Freedom Foundation

On Truth

Western World’s concept of objective truth was challenged by Karl Marx, who declared truth to be class truth. The capitalists had their truth, and the workers had their truth. The workers’ truth had more validity, because they were oppressed, whereas the capitalists’ truth was self-serving.

This assault on objective truth did not succeed except on a limited basis for a short time in the Soviet Union where Lysenko damaged Soviet biology and agriculture at the expense of a number of lives.

The assault on objective truth in the 21st century is race based and gender based. The races and genders have their own truths. The truths that have validity are those of the oppressed—people of color, feminists, transgendered, and sexual deviants. The truths without validity are those of the oppressors—white heterosexual males.

Objective truth based on facts and evidence is an alien concept to the young whose experiences of truth are learned emotional responses. The media know that they are lying in terms of objective truth, but as objective truth is a white construct that serves white interest it is an oppressor truth without validity.

Today in the media and in education the concept of a lie as a statement in conflict with objective truth is dying out. A lie is something that denies the race and gender truths of the oppressed.

In this kind of truth system evidence in the traditional sense hasn’t a place. In an emotion based system, evidence is the offense given by a statue, a word, a phrase, a historical reference, a painting. Consequently, it is impossible for a person who has an objective concept of truth to have a rational discussion with a person who has a race/gender concept of truth.

Aside from the problem of swearing in such a person to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it becomes impossible for a society, part of which has a scientific concept of truth and part of which has an emotional concept of truth, to talk to one another.

A society in which people cannot talk to each other is a society that falls apart.

A society in which objective truth is banished is a society without science.

You can see the dark ages on the horizon.

Paul Craig Roberts, UNZ Review