2020, 2021 & the Prospect of a Post-Republic, Post-Constitutional America

Well, here’s the thing: If we DON’T oppose the Electoral College, then 75 million Americans will now be disenfranchised forever with no possibility of putting dissenters in office. It’s over. We are under one-party rule, forever. And if Biden supporters and RINOs carry the day, they will have 75 million REALLY PISSED OFF AND PERMANENTLY NONCOMPLIANT subjects to contend with. Sorry lefties. But when you practice fraud and deceit, as we know you’re about to do in Georgia again, you create a lot of problems for yourself. This will be a war, and there’s no getting around it. Not with rigged elections. We will not roll over and accept a dictatorship.

It will take a lot more than turning the calendar page for 2021 to be better than 2020. In order for 2021 to be better, the vast majority of us will have to embrace rationality over feelings; common sense and reason over the herd; resistance over compliance; independent thought over the mindless ravings of celebrities; personal responsibility over victimhood; and unapologetic freedom over tyranny. In other words: THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING MOST OF US DID IN 2020.

George Orwell wrote that abuse of language led to dictatorship. “War is peace, slavery is freedom”. Ayn Rand went deeper, and said that the obliteration of concepts–the uniquely human method of cognition–would bring us dictatorship. And what do we see today? Exaggerated hysteria — mass obsessive-compulsive disorder — falsely labeled “science”. Government propagandists falsely called “doctors”. The imposition of an open-ended totalitarian regime worse than what Orwell or Rand projected as a way to “be safe”. When you wipe out the capacity for rational thought, you create the basis for tyranny. Well done, tyrants. You have turned America into a dystopian mecca of mask-wearing morons. Good luck with the results.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

On Truth

Western World’s concept of objective truth was challenged by Karl Marx, who declared truth to be class truth. The capitalists had their truth, and the workers had their truth. The workers’ truth had more validity, because they were oppressed, whereas the capitalists’ truth was self-serving.

This assault on objective truth did not succeed except on a limited basis for a short time in the Soviet Union where Lysenko damaged Soviet biology and agriculture at the expense of a number of lives.

The assault on objective truth in the 21st century is race based and gender based. The races and genders have their own truths. The truths that have validity are those of the oppressed—people of color, feminists, transgendered, and sexual deviants. The truths without validity are those of the oppressors—white heterosexual males.

Objective truth based on facts and evidence is an alien concept to the young whose experiences of truth are learned emotional responses. The media know that they are lying in terms of objective truth, but as objective truth is a white construct that serves white interest it is an oppressor truth without validity.

Today in the media and in education the concept of a lie as a statement in conflict with objective truth is dying out. A lie is something that denies the race and gender truths of the oppressed.

In this kind of truth system evidence in the traditional sense hasn’t a place. In an emotion based system, evidence is the offense given by a statue, a word, a phrase, a historical reference, a painting. Consequently, it is impossible for a person who has an objective concept of truth to have a rational discussion with a person who has a race/gender concept of truth.

Aside from the problem of swearing in such a person to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, it becomes impossible for a society, part of which has a scientific concept of truth and part of which has an emotional concept of truth, to talk to one another.

A society in which people cannot talk to each other is a society that falls apart.

A society in which objective truth is banished is a society without science.

You can see the dark ages on the horizon.

Paul Craig Roberts, UNZ Review