Communism Thrives on Mental Illness

Here’s the big problem with leftism: It requires a victim. And it requires a victimizer. It appeals to the worst and weakest within human nature. It tells people something millions have always wanted to hear: “Life is miserable. But it’s not your fault. It’s someone else’s fault. And WE will fix it for you.”

Leftism NEEDS racism. If racism goes away, then it must be resurrected. If the economy booms while a hated conservative is President, then it must be destroyed. And even then, the economy must be kept weak so that leftists can claim to be the heroes by giving everyone a pittance to live on, plus free college.

The deeper issue: There will always be people, not just in government but everywhere, who NEED you to be sick, downtrodden or in need so that THEY can claim to rescue you and become powerful. One of the ugliest and most brutal forms this takes is under the form of government. Over the last century, we’ve called it Communism. But it doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s psychopathological, and it takes two sick parties to buy into it. One sick party is the power hungry monster who NEEDS you to NEED him. The other sick party is the sad, neurotic and weak-spirited soul who needs to feel like a victim … “Because if I’m a victim, then nothing is my fault, I can blame someone else, and someone else will take care of me.”

Without such psychopathology, socialism and Communism would have no place to flourish.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Overthrowing Communism, Surprisingly Easy

There is a saying in some parts of the Balkans, “hiqja qimen thiut” which roughly translates to: every hair from the boar. This phrase grew in popularity, especially around the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union and fall of communism in the Eastern Bloc states. What it means is a simple metaphor – the government is the boar and it can be killed by subtly plucking every hair from its fat body.

Less poetically, it’s a guide on how to dismantle the bureaucracy that communist regimes rely on. While I don’t believe America is quite ready for this conversation, readers that frequent sites like American Thinker may not mind, as Nancy Pelosi once eloquently put it, another arrow in their quiver.

Establishment governments, such as we see beginning to dominate in the U.S., are heavily dependent on inefficient bureaucracies. A frequent theme of dystopian novels draw plots around nightmarish red tape establishments like George Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-Four and Franz Kafka’s The Trial – hell on earth is a non-moving DMV line. So, don’t think the bureaucrats don’t know the power they wield. And don’t think the bureaucrats don’t know it. This leaked Zoom call shows federal workers plotting a coup on Trump’s White House by using the pillars of bureaucracy against him.

While they believe this to be some sort of power, the real advantage that conservatives continue to have over our progressive opponents is that we are truly decentralized. Efforts remain typically localized like Tea Parties during the Obama reign, or lately, this group of 600 business owners in a single city in California that challenged Dictator Newsom’s economy-killing orders by opening their businesses in defiance.

Conversely, the left in America, and every other nation plagued by their presence, actively strives to be centralized. Antifa and BLM have chapters all over the nation but there seems to be a single hierarchy calling the shots. They seek out positions of power like school boards and state agencies where their Marxist teachings can be applied with little resistance and cause the most damage.

But if there’s one thing consistent in American history, it’s that our government doesn’t fight well against decentralized forces. The 20-year war in Afghanistan is a current example. So, the good news — if you’re uncomfortable with the rise of agitprop teachings in the form of public school indoctrinations, church humiliation exercises and mandatory Critical Race Theory training in companies like Coca-Cola that just want you to “Try And Be Less White” — is that the bureaucracy that the left grows more and more dependent on, is extremely fragile. Ironically, the easiest way to break it is to heavily participate in it. Every hair from the boar.

The following tactics are presented purely for entertainment purposes, taken from various examples in former-communist nations. Obey all laws! You assume all risk if you choose to pursue any of them, which we don’t recommend.

  • There are subsidies for everything. Housing, clothing, food, electricity, hot water and home heating fuels, hell even cellphones and internet bills are picked up by Uncle Sam (thanks, Obama!) Even if you earn too much, the processing time for millions of new applications would drain the system even faster and demoralize government workers. Before you describe your pride to me, remember that illegal immigrants do not hesitate to take every advantage of our social services. The reason communism ultimately fails is because more is taken out than can be put in.
  • In most states in America, you can opt out of weekly tax withholding and choose to pay at the end of the year. This gives our government systems less funds to gamble with during the year. Only the financially savvy should attempt this.
  • Caught speeding or fined for not wearing a mask? Ask for a trial. Most citations have an option to plead not guilty and if you don’t pay it, you will either be given a court date or have it dropped all altogether. Extra points for utilizing a public defender. Worse case is you end up paying the ticket anyway, but at least you did your part to clog the system.
  • I don’t know of any places left in this country with well-kept roadways. That means if you’re unlucky enough to get a flat tire, because you totally, absolutely, maybe hit a pothole, you can sue the town. A few dollars to file a civil claim and you could end up on a new set of wheels and tires.
  • Remember the tax credits for electric vehicles? It’s based on the number of hours that a battery can hold its charge. That means your golf carts, ATVs, even the right child’s Fisher Price car modifications means that they can qualify for this break too. Just add turn signals, seat belts and mirrors.
  • Struggling for cash during the Covid lockdowns? Take a look around. Our benevolent governments have a ton of scrap metal that can easily be turned into some green. In the communist-Balkans, the impression of a utopian society was more important than a functioning one. Because a feature of communism is to spend money as incompetently as possible, bike racks, manhole covers, stop signs and park benches were constantly being installed at the same locations after locals would take them to junk yards. Of course, if they were caught, they were sentenced to a hard labor camp but in the U.S., if caught, it remains a larceny charge.
  • Spread panic. The government takes a lot of power away from you by using fear. You can take it back the same way. Rumors that the proverbial enemy is at the border will cause people to stock up on essentials and when there are shortages, even artificial ones, the government is forced to intervene.
  • Stop buying from companies that hate you. Sometimes it’s impossible either due to logistics or cost effectiveness, but for the most part, we really don’t need Netflix and Coca-Cola to maintain our daily lives. These companies have become extensions of the same institutions that are hellbent on seeing you destroyed just because of your political opinions; the least you can do is find a better way to spend your ten bucks a month.

Of course, the actual destruction of communist forces took widespread revolts and rebellions. But if we can make the cost more painful to our socialist overlords now, the long term goals can shift and the final outcome can change. Bureaucracy is the pillar our government uses to oppress us. Lucky for us it’s made out of glass and easy to bring down. Hiqja qimen thiut, comrades.

Taylor Day, American Thinker

Those Who Lived Under Communism Speak Out

In 1972, one of the most celebrated ballet teams Valery Panov and his wife Galina Ragozina, sought to leave Leningrad for Israel.

After his dismissal from the Kirov Ballet, Panov was jailed for ten days, placed under surveillance and repeatedly refused a visa, despite a 21-day hunger strike. In essence, he became a “living corpse.” His crime — the unquenchable desire to be free from a communist dictatorship.

He was denied any work as a dancer, had to deal with constant harassment, the rejection and treachery by colleagues, imprisonment, threats to break his legs, and even an attempt at poisoning. In 1972, he was imprisoned during President Nixon’s visit to the Soviet Union. He was considered a parasite — the authorities would not let him work, but simultaneously punished him for not working. Fellow dancers would cross the street to avoid him and his wife.

Panov would spend his “days playing tag with the KGB.” But during the nighttime he would write his autobiography titled, To Dance. It was only with the help of an international campaign on their behalf by celebrities, artists, Western statesman and other supporters, that the Panovs were finally able to leave and settle in Israel.

Back then, it was clear that communism was the enemy of all people both in body and soul. In 1985, the 99th American Congress pledged support for Soviet Jews. Newspapers were eager to tell the stories of the dissidents who were confronting the evil of the USSR. Those in the arts inherently understood the danger to their vocational pursuits.

But today these same groups have fallen under the spell of tyranny. The Hollywood crowd has abandoned any pretense for protecting the arts. Thus, “one Hollywood producer told PEN America that suggestions for projects critical of China aroused the fear that ‘you or your company will actively be blacklisted, and they will interfere with your current or future project. So not only will you bear the brunt [of your decision], but also your company, and future companies that you work for. And that’s absolutely in the back of our minds.'”

The sports world has also been compromised by the communists. The “relationship between sport, politics and diplomacy in communist China . . . has been profound. Sport has assisted the acceptance, implementation and endorsement of ideology. What has happened on the sports grounds and arenas of China has clearly demonstrated that sport is vulnerable to political exploitation, since it is one of the most powerful ways of implementing political ideals, ideas and policies. Sport had proved extremely valuable, too, as a diplomatic resource. It has enabled communist China to make approaches to Western opponents through a medium with a non-political image [.]” Hence, sports figures ignore the connection between their endorsement of Nike sneakers and communist China’s slave labor and other atrocities.

But here in the USA, the PGA plans to move the 2022 championship away from Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf course as cancel culture is alive and well.

Moreover, one would think that the media would be daily headlining the horrors being dealt upon China’s minority in its far west, its Uighurs. After all, “the detainees, from the province of Xinjiang, are treated to a strict ‘re-education’ program that includes what one escapee described as horrific physical abuse, including forced organ removal, abortions and medical ‘experiments.'”

Yet, the Nazi-like behavior is only bandied about when referring to Trump and his conservative supporters.

In his memoir The Captive Mind, Czeslaw Milosz “grappled with how liberal intellectuals came to collaborate with and work alongside, Poland’s communist party. Milosz stated that: ‘It’s as if we all took a magic pill, became temporarily enchanted and went along with this ridiculous thing.'”

Milosz writes that [i]t’s very difficult, now, to think back into that time, when people had very limited choices. If you chose to oppose the regime, that might mean you couldn’t get medicine for your sick mother, your children couldn’t go to school and you might get kicked out of your apartment. We don’t have to face those choices.”

Oh really? Think again.

Americans across the country are now being fined, detained, and arrested for speaking out against lockdown restrictions, not wearing masks, and daring to operate their businesses. Professors who speak against the inherently racist critical race theory are being forced out. Teachers in Jefferson County, West Virginia who attended the rally in Washington, D.C. are now being threatened with termination.

But Marxist Black Lives Matter violent mobs are given a free pass.

As we enter a new era for America, many of us already attuned to the totalitarian bent of the Biden/Harris administration are acutely aware of what may await us. Thoroughly assisted by social media technology, the new administration will continue to ensure that we will suffer the “imperviousness of the tyranny” that is taking hold in this country.

In his book Madness and Terror, Rafael M. Madalozzo (p. 124) asserts that under Stalin “the goal was manifest: to make clear to everyone the helplessness of the individual vis-à-vis the omnipotent state, from which nothing could escape, not even time itself. The state could control the present, the past, the future, and even one’s thoughts, and everyone was conscious of the fact they could be executed, tortured, or imprisoned for life at any moment [.]”

With increasing surveillance of our lives will we become more like China, where “using a ride-hailing service in Beijing, such as Uber or local Didi Chuxing, won’t be possible without first scanning our health records?

We are, as Chris Farrell writes, “slouching towards the socialist states of America” where the Democratic Party “. . . will pack the courts, including the Supreme Court, with politically friendly judges, so that the judiciary will be an extension of one political party rather than part of a system of checks and balances [.]”

Democrats openly say “they will remove the Electoral College, so that sparsely populated, rural states would be totally outvoted by cities.” In addition, they want to “add more states, such as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, to provide it with more senators to create a permanent one-party rule.” And finally, the Democrat leaders assert they will “reverse core parts of our Bill of Rights so we could be jailed for free speech, or for owning a gun to defend ourselves, as the Minutemen did, against ‘enemies foreign and domestic.'”

After all, Biden promises to “defeat” the National Rifle Association (NRA).

Recently, “Russian dissident Alexei Navalny offered a lengthy denunciation of Twitter’s decision to permanently ban President Trump [.]”

I think that the ban of Donald Trump on Twitter is an unacceptable act of censorship. Don’t tell me he was banned for violating Twitter rules. I get death threats here every day for many years, and Twitter doesn’t ban anyone (not that I ask for it).’

‘Of course, Twitter is a private company but we have seen many examples in Russia and China of such private companies becoming the state’s best friends and the enablers when it comes to censorship.’

In fact, Navalny “warns that authoritarian nations would look at the decision by Twitter and use it to justify similar crackdowns of dissenting voices in their own countries.”

Almost 50 years ago, Valery Panov wanted to

show the Russian people as an enslaved people on their knees. If you raise this mass, it begins to destroy everything. I am convinced the historical mission for the Russian people is a destructive one. You can’t arouse the people and expect calm. I am convinced destruction will come from within.

As we continue to see the clamp down of our civil liberties via lockdowns, the tech giants quashing speech, and the impending total control of our health care, the American people may soon find themselves in an enslaved state as well.

In fact, never have so few been bent on hurting so many in America.

The massive 75+ million vote for Trump is the mass that has been aroused. They may be the only firewall remaining to protect American constitutional values. Trump led the way. We must continue. Now is not the time to go wobbly.

Eileen F. Toplansky, American Thinker