The Fatal, Faulty Premise of the Green Agenda

The green fascists we used to call “environmentalists” are counting on a faulty premise, in getting you to go along with them.

What they’re counting on is your love of life as we’ve known it. They’re counting on you to LOVE post-industrialized civilization — with airplane travel, private car ownership, comfortable homes with heat and ac, and all the rest.

In their narrative, they tell you: “You’re going to lose all this if you don’t do what we say.” When they say, “The planet is in danger,” they mean for you to understand it as: “My life, as I’ve known it, is in danger. My children won’t have the life I had.”

Not surprisingly, this rallies a lot of people to their cause — a plurality, by my estimation.

But it’s a faulty premise. Their prescription for preserving and saving life as we know it? Look around you. It’s just the beginning. Impossibly high gas prices. Impossibly high inflation. Unending government taxes which will take away what little wealth the diminishing middle class can keep. (Elite Communists like Mark Zuckerberg are not worried about taxes). Government regulations that make it impossible to trade, do business or survive (especially a small business, which most businesses are). Electric cars that don’t work as advertised — that cannot work as advertised, especially on a diminishing power grid — and that virtually nobody can afford or ever will be able to afford. Windmills and solar power that would already dominate the market if they worked enough to sustain power for the civilization we have built.

In short: In order to be motivated to go along with Biden, the Democrats, the cultural elites and everyone else on the green agenda, you must love life as you know it and wish to preserve it, for yourself and your children. Yet in order to preserve that life, we must systematically destroy it.

It’s insane, even on its own terms. Yet here we are, with rising gas prices and an economy unable to sustain itself. And the green fascists are just getting started.

Green fascism is a lot like COVID fascism. In order to stay healthy and free, COVID fascists claim, you must surrender 100 percent of your freedom, 100 percent of your self-determination medically and otherwise, and simply do what you’re told. You’re to listen to authorities, but ONLY to authorities the government deems acceptable.

If you’re to be free, you must be a slave. If you’re to survive in a comfortable, 21st Century lifestyle — you will have to give that lifestyle up, and return to a time where you may not own your own car (as the World Economic Forum now calls for), will not be able to afford gas or fuel, and will not be able to enjoy life anything like people knew it even back in the 1950s.

Madness beyond description.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

If You Think COVID Fascism is Bad, Just Wait for Green Fascism

COVID was a great dry run for a Green dictatorship. Under a Green dictatorship, you will first be shamed, and eventually forced, into sacrificing for your fellow man. With COVID you’re told you MUST vaccinate; if not, you’re hurting your fellow man (even though your fellow man is presumably safe, having been vaccinated himself.)

Under a Green dictatorship, you’ll be told you’re harming the planet if you drive a car, and you’re harming your fellow man, too, through fostering climate change (a part of nature for billions of years). Or you’re harming your fellow man if you use fossil fuels, or make any carbon footprint at all. At first you’ll be shamed, and eventually you may be fined or jailed. They’ll primarily make it economic. Just as you currenly lose your job and income (i.e., you starve) if you don’t get the vax, you’ll find it impossible to pay for gas at $50 or $100 a gallon, or pay heat/ac fuel bills at $1000 or $5000 a month.

Economic control will be the new gulag, though the end result will be exactly the same: loss of freedom. And most of it will be done without firing a shot. Why? Because of neurotic, unearned guilt. Your media, your professors, your Presidents and Governors (none of whom will be practicing the Green religion, by the way) will SHAME you into compliance. How well will that work? Just look at how well COVID shaming works. You have your answer. And, believe me: the tyrants have theirs. Your compliance has not gone unnoticed.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Leftists Are Playing a DANGEROUS Game with Our Liberty

If lockdowns are not ending, what’s the point of a vaccine?

Interesting. The vaccine will save us all, we’re told. (By the way, it’s Biden’s vaccine; Trump had nothing to do with it.) Yet we must triple down on lockdowns — into February, even beyond. No outdoor dining. No hair salons. Only for politicians. Clearly, vaccine or not, lockdowns are here to stay. I think it’s the Green New Deal — brought about by the excuse of the virus.

Leftists are playing a dangerous game. They’re telling dissidents to “shut up”. They’re shutting down our small businesses. They’re forbidding us from going to church, from traveling, dining out, or from going anywhere without a mask. They WILL force us to be vaccinated and to carry identity cards. They’re shutting down our government schools (good riddance), while still making us pay for them. They’re promising to take our guns away, come January 21. Free speech is mostly gone, and they will finish the job soon. Taxes will go up and retirement accounts could be seized and nationalized, like in a banana republic. Non-rigged elections are a thing of the past. Even nominal two-party government is over. Leftists are leaving nonleftists with NOTHING TO LOSE. Sooner or later, this will come back to bite them. Not all of us will remain submissive and quiet forever.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason