Why People Can’t Face the Truth

John McWhorter, who teaches at Columbia, is one of a handful of blacks who write sensible things about race. He complains that the media bellow whenever police kill a black man but are silent when they kill a white man, and worries that claims of “systemic racism” are leading to a movement to exempt blacks from standards.

But Prof. McWhorter’s Substack review of Charles Murray’s latest book, Facing Reality, is deliberately blind. Its value goes beyond Prof. McWhorter, however, because it’s an explicit statement of the mental prison people on the Left and Right build for themselves — and for the country: “I reject facts I don’t like.”

Prof. McWhorter starts by patting himself on the back for his broadmindedness — “Murray’s work is too carefully reasoned and too deeply founded on scholarly sources to be dismissed as ‘racist’ ” — though he will dismiss it for equally disgraceful reasons.

Prof. McWhorter summarizes the book:

Facing Reality is seriously disturbing. Murray gives a great deal of evidence for two points. One is that black people aren’t, on the average, as intelligent as other people. The other is that black people in America are more violent than others.

Prof. McWhorter accepts that blacks are more violent, but insists it’s because of welfare, drugs, fatherlessness, etc. The part about IQ, though, “is tough reading.” Instead of attacking Dr. Murray’s data — he admits he can’t — he writes:

I suspect, in my gut, that the issue is cultural . . . . Abstract tests are a highly artificial thing . . . . Black American culture may be less consonant with that way of approaching things than white or Asian culture, and . . . could subtly discourage black kids from mastering the knack of jumping through the hoop.

Prof. McWhorter surely knows that white and Asian children do not spend their weekends “mastering the knack” of Raven’s Progressive Matrices. Still, he prefers to think blacks are just as smart, but have a “subtle cultural resistance to demonstrating it.” To his credit, he adds: “I openly admit, though, that this is also the way I hope it is, and that’s not science.” His hopes are no defense against Prof. Murray’s data.

There’s worse: “[I]t’s reasonable to ask of Murray: Why are you airing this information?” This is an odd question from someone who “airs” widely ignored information on crime rates and police killings. The subject of race and IQ just bothers him. I suppose it’s impossible to expect even an associate professor at Columbia to understand that Dr. Murray might just want to correct a widespread error.

Prof. McWhorter cites Dr. Murray’s own reasons for this unfortunate “airing:” “One is that Affirmative Action too often puts semicompetent people in government jobs.” But as Dr. Murray points out, it’s a whole lot more than “government jobs.” For example, white K-12 teachers and nurses have a 15-point IQ advantage over black teachers and nurses, and this is reflected in their performance ratings. Prof. McWhorter wants good schools for blacks. Wouldn’t he want good teachers for them, even if they are white? But he’s not worried by affirmative action: “I have a hard time seeing this [legions of semicompetents] as precisely a national tragedy.” He needs to look a little harder. Obsessions with “diversity” are already corrupting science itself. As one wag put it, in a country turning brown, the national tragedy of incompetence “will come slowly, then suddenly.”

Prof. McWhorter cites Dr. Murray’s other reason to let loose with the facts about race and IQ: “[I]dentity politics — as in racial set-asides and a tacit media conspiracy to keep disproportionate rates of black crime under wraps — is about to create a revolutionarily inclined white identity that will plunge America into a race war.” That’s a very poor summary of Dr. Murray’s argument, which I describe better — and dissect — here. Prof. McWhorter shrugs it off as alarmist.

Finally, here is Prof. McWhorter’s true objection to learning about race and IQ: If the facts are as Dr. Murray says, meritocracy would mean that “we need to accept an America in which black people are rarely encountered in jobs requiring serious smarts.” He adds: “I would have to work very hard to come up with a way of accepting that world.” So there you have it. Prof. McWhorter wants a certain kind of world, and doesn’t care how many facts we have to smother and how many whites and Asians we have to punish for him to get it.

Anyone who thinks for a living — and I imagine that’s what Prof. McWhorter fancies himself — must accept data, no matter how disagreeable, if he can find no fault with them. Anything less is cowardice or bad faith.

Prof. McWhorter’s funk over the data is important because he isn’t just anybody. He’s not completely blinded by the fog that hangs over every American university. He writes about the folly of thinking that it is “racist” to expect blacks to get math answers right. He ridicules the vendetta against Dr. Seuss. He worries about Critical Race Theory and the progressives’ grim “duty of identifying racism wherever they can find it.” He realizes that “woke” mobs are taking over institutions and “the alt-right” isn’t, and that there’s something wrong when people seriously claim that music theory is “white supremacist.”

But Prof. McWhorter has no idea where the madness comes from. He refuses to understand that it comes from denying the very facts he wants Charles Murray to shut up about. What explanation for black failure can there be but “white racism” if we can’t talk about race differences? Prof. McWhorter’s “culture” explanation only pushes the “racism” explanation back a step. How did blacks, stripped by slavery of their original culture, get this miserable “culture”? Obviously, whites gave it to them. That’s why we have to discover and root out imagined “racism” in music theory and in police shootings and in Prof. McWhorter’s favorite Dr. Seuss book. It’s also why Critical Race Theory is indispensable: It is the inherent malevolence of every living white man, boy, and baby that stifles the native genius of the black race. Blacks can reach their potential only when whites learn how awful they are, and dedicate their lives to atonement.

Many people would say of Prof. McWhorter: “Of course he can’t accept the truth. He’s black.” I don’t like that argument. Anyone with imagination can see past the end of his own nose when he looks at the world. I know no race realist who doesn’t accept the data on IQ differences between whites and Asians (though Prof. McWhorter seems to fear only the black/white gap, not the even greater black/Asian gap).

Like it or not, Prof. McWhorter is braver than almost every white academic. He read Facing Reality and didn’t just call it trash. He admitted he can’t disprove the data and that his “hopes” about black IQ “aren’t science.” That is a lot further than most whites would go.

I suspect Prof. McWhorter is mentally hobbled by something more than his race. Our climate of racial-moral zealotry doesn’t just punish people who say the wrong thing; it makes them incapable of even thinking the wrong thing.

Jared Taylor

“Hire me Because of my Race” is not Admirable

Anyone who ACCEPTS an appointment to be a Supreme Court justice because of her race or gender is neither decent nor intelligent enough to be a Supreme Court justice.

This is why no analysis of puppet Biden’s pick for the Supreme Court is even required.

Her nomination should be dead on arrival. It won’t be, of course; because we truly do live under institutional racism now.

Michael J. Hurd, Daily Dose of Reason

Please Stop Talking about Black People and White People’

I am going to say it. 

Something that few people appear to be willing to say.

But yet, something almost everyone believes. 

Please stop talking about “White” people and “Black” people.

Millions of us just don’t care what color you are. 

This racist nonsense is destroying America. 

Please stop saying that “White people don’t see Black people as human beings.” — CNN’s Don Lemon.

Please stop saying that “racism is unconscious in everyone.” — Aruna Khillanani, speaker at Yale University who “fantasizes about killing white people with a bounce in her step.”null

Please stop calling people with lighter skin “psychopathic.” — BET’s Mark Lamont Hill.

Please stop talking about people who look different than you as being “less than” human — Comedian Nick Cannon.

Please stop your virtueless virtue signaling by posting emojis of an upraised Marxist fist in honor of a holiday that ironically stands for American freedom rather than the bondage of communism.

Please stop your smug self-elevation and feigned deprecation of pretending that just because you’re white, you are somehow “privileged.”  

Please stop your “humble” self-flagellation of “repenting for distant uncles and aunts (white) who lived in Tulsa” during a time of riots that they, and you, had nothing to do with … The Wesleyan Church’s JoAnne Lyon.

Please just stop.

Stop your racist rhetoric. Stop focusing on color. Stop destroying our unity. Stop dividing our nation. null

Your message is destructive. Your demagoguery is dangerous.  

In my book, “Grow Up: Life Isn’t Safe, but It’s Good,” I offer this:

“If you do not believe that there is a concerted effort to divide our nation, I have some oceanfront property in Nebraska to sell to you. Our intelligentsia — our country’s cultural and religious elites — think that if they can get Americans to focus on ourselves, our grievances, and our victimhood, that the nation’s very fabric can be taken apart strand by strand. Or, as Solomon told us, ‘A cord of three strands is not quickly broken,’ but a cord of one is defenseless. In other words, divide and conquer.” 

Evidence of this strategy is pervasive. In addition to the not-so-thinly veiled racism we see every day from secular talk heads, just look at the contemporary Church’s divisive rhetoric, such as what I cite above. The transparent enablement of us-against-them is rampant in our pulpits coast to coast. 

Sunday morning’s repeated homily from our religiously woke and righteous in one of segregation rather than integration. Theirs is a sermon that divides by race and gender and whatever else can balkanize us into competing groups with irreconcilable demands. Rather than warning of brimstone and fire, they pound their pulpits angrily about “us against them.”

The moralizing is shallow. The polity is immature. The piety is selfish. It is the antithesis of Christ’s admonition to die to self. It is the opposite of St. Paul’s call to set adolescent ways aside and “grow up.” 

Again, from my book “Grow Up: Life Isn’t Safe, but It’s Good”: 

“Adolescents are, by nature, individualistic and insular. Adults, to the contrary, see the wisdom of promoting unity rather than division, integration rather than segregation, us rather than me and mine, a United States rather than divided states. Adults care more about a common cause of personal righteousness than the divisive demands of personal rights. Adults see the value of hundreds of hands working together, rather than one person’s hand smugly clapping in midair.”

The church of all places should understand that our identity isn’t found in race or gender. It isn’t found in personal grievances or our narcissistic infatuations. What is so confusing about Saint Paul’s clear admonition that “we are neither Jewish nor Greek, male nor female, slave nor free, barbarians or Scythians,” but one in the body of Christ? 

The progressive fixation on color – on “black people” and “white people” will inevitably result in more exclusion rather than inclusion, more segregation rather than integration, more anger and resentment, more hate, move vice, less virtue, and much less love. Churches preaching this nonsense are pumping spiritual carcinogens into a cultural cancer that grows more malignant with each passing day. 

Do not let these people divide us.  

Strength is found in unity. 

A cord of one strand can be broken. A cord of three cannot. There is only one race, the human race. 

We are one nation under God, indivisible.

There is no “I” in team, and those who think there is always lose. 

• Everett Piper (dreverettpiper.com, @dreverettpiper), a columnist for The Washington Times, is a former university president and radio host. He is the author of “Not a Daycare: The Devastating Consequences of Abandoning Truth” (Regnery) and, most recently, “Grow Up: Life Isn’t Safe, But It’s Good” (Regnery, 2021).

White Liberals Need Sensitivity Training

Who needs sensitivity training? The answer is white liberals and their black dupes. Not all blacks. Just the white liberals’ dupes.

White liberals and their black dupes are the most racist people on earth. They teach hatred of white people, teaching that leads to verbal and physical abuse. See, for example, these expressions of hatred for white people: https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2021/06/11/expressions-of-anti-white-hatred-in-high-places-aruna-khilanani-at-yale/

White Americans are not taught to hate black Americans. But black Americans are taught by white liberals to hate white Americans. Yet despite the taught, orchestrated hate, blacks are never guilty of hate speech or hate crime. But whites are guilty even if they are silent and actionless. It is called “systemic racism.” By virtue of skin color, white liberals have declared all whites to be racist. Clearly, it is the white liberals teaching racial hatred who require racial sensitivity training. Yet, it is their victims who receive it.

Skin color is now the arbiter of good and evil. Black is good. White is evil.

As whites overall are more successful than blacks overall despite the reverse discrimination that favors blacks, white liberals conclude that the American system is rigged for the triumph of evil over good. Meritocracy does the rigging. The white liberal solution is to get rid of merit-based school admissions, hiring, promotion, and job performance evaluation. Instead, these decisions must be based on skin color (and in some instances by gender declaration and sexual preference).

The consequence is the destruction of educational standards and of educational institutions themselves. For example, in Northern Virginia a famous STEM high school was branded racist because it had a 70% Asian and 30% white student body. (Because of their success relative to blacks, Asians also get the racist treatment.) The remedy was “equity,” which means admission by skin color. Those who effected the change admit that the school now accepts students who are not qualified to be there. For them to graduate, standards are reduced. In other words, an elite school has been destroyed. Having been “reformed,” it now produces the same morons as the rest of US schools.

The emphasis on “equity” instead of merit is now widely spread in US educational systems. In California public schools, mathematics has been deemphasized. White liberals decided that math is racist, because it is harder for blacks to do. The deemphasis on math is described by white liberals as reducing “whiteness” in education. Reconstructing history, taking down monuments, banning books, and substituting indoctrination for learning are other ways “whiteness” is being removed.

What does this mean for white students? They are not only denied education and the ability to reason, they are denied self-respect and any knowledge of positive contributions by their white forebears to their country. They can be neither proud of themselves nor proud of their country.

How then can they fight for their country? What becomes of the military? Indeed, how do you have a police force? https://www.rt.com/usa/526905-portland-officers-resign-charges/

The same is happening in the criminal justice system as in education. Just as it is racist for blacks to fail in school, it is racist for them to fail in society. The criminal justice system is just another racist way whites hold down blacks. In order to get rid of the injustice, black crimes are being defined away. For example, Oxfam, a British charity organization, trains its staff that it is racism for white women to report rape by black men. To discourage Scandinavian women from reporting rape by black men, there is an effort underway to equate such a report with a hate crime, which is punishable. In other words, if white women report that they have been raped, the raped woman, not the rapist, has committed a crime.

White liberals might think they are leading a revolution. If so, they will be its first victims. There is nothing in the doctrine of systemic racism and in critical race theory that excludes white liberals. In The Camp of the Saints the white liberals who paved the way for the black immigrant-invaders were the first to be killed.

White liberals are too stupid to understand that when a society is deconstructed, the result is violence and chaos.

The Lynch Mob Howled

The jury has found Derek Chauvin guilty on all three counts. It took fewer than 24 hours to reach a unanimous decision. I have argued all along that an acquittal was impossible, no matter what the evidence showed. No jury, anywhere in the United States, could have found Mr. Chauvin innocent after nearly a year of riots.

I had some hope that the jury might acquit on one or two of the more serious charges, but the guilty verdict was announced first on the most serious of the three, so the other two verdicts were inevitable. Under Minnesota law, Mr. Chauvin will be sentenced under only the most serious charge. It carries a maximum sentence of 40 years, but according to state guidelines, a first offence is supposed to get 12-1/2 years. Judge Peter Cahill said he would pass sentence eight weeks from now.

As the verdicts were read, the camera closed in on Mr. Chauvin for the first time since the trial began. He was wearing a mask, but appeared to show no emotion. He was led from the courtroom in handcuffs and will remain in custody.

Credit Image: © Pool Video Via HLN/ZUMA Wire

Credit Image: © Pool Video Via HLN/ZUMA Wire

Crowds had gathered in various places in Minneapolis to wait for the verdict. They wept, rejoiced, and fell into each other’s arms.

There are solid grounds to appeal the verdict. From the start, Mr. Chauvin’s lawyer, Eric Nelson, argued that it would be impossible to get a fair trial in Minneapolis because of the rioting and massive publicity. The judged refused to move the trial. Mr. Nelson will probably argue that there was prosecutorial misconduct. In closing arguments, the prosecution said that the defense’s arguments were “nonsense,” that Mr. Nelson was “shading the truth,” “misrepresenting facts,” putting words in witnesses’ mouths, and “creating Halloween stories.” Judge Cahill ruled that he had sufficiently admonished the prosecution for this.

Mr. Nelson will certainly appeal and call for a mistrial on grounds that the jury should have be sequestered — shut off from any outside information about the case — right from the start. His call for sequestration was denied, and later events supported his argument that media coverage and other events would put great pressure on jurors to convict.

There were days of demonstrations and rioting after a white policewoman shot a black criminal to death just 10 miles away from the courthouse, in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. This was how the country was going to react if blacks and leftist whites thought the jury let Mr. Chauvin off too lightly.

Over the weekend, black Congresswoman Maxine Waters had flown to Minneapolis and told a crowd of demonstrators:

We’ve got to not only stay in the street, but we’ve got to fight for justice. But I am very hopeful and I hope that we’re going to get a verdict that will say, ‘Guilty. Guilty, guilty’. . . . I don’t know whether it’s in the first degree, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s first-degree murder . . . . We’ve got to get more confrontational. We’ve got to make sure that they know that we mean business.

That sent hundreds of people marching through Minneapolis waving Black Lives Matter flags and carrying signs that read “Blue Lives Murder.” As Eric Nelson argued to the judge, this would intimidate any juror, and it happened before the panel was sequestered for deliberation. Judge Cahill refused to declare a mistrial on the spot, but agreed that the congresswoman may have given Mr. Nelson serious grounds for appeal:

I’m aware that Congresswoman Waters was talking . . . about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction, and talk about being confrontational. . . . I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch and our function. I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so . . . in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution . . . . Their failure to do so is abhorrent.

When Miss Waters was pressed on this point later by CNN, she replied with “dindu nothin’ ” aplomb: “The judge says my words don’t matter.” Congressional Republicans called for a vote of censure, but were defeated 216-210 by Democrats.

I suspect the defense appeals will fail, whatever their merits, just as the jury was sure to convict whatever the arguments. Appellate court justices watch TV, too. I predict Mr. Chauvin will spend at least 12 years in prison.

President Joe Biden waited until the jury was sequestered to echo Congresswoman Waters, saying he was “praying for the right” outcome, claiming that the evidence against Mr. Chauvin was “overwhelming.” He said he has become friends with George Floyd’s brother Philonise and the rest of the family, adding that he could “only imagine the pressure and anxiety they’re feeling.” Not a word, of course, about the pressure and anxiety Mr. Chauvin might be feeling.

Philonise reported that the President had called him for a nice chat after the case went to the jury, adding that they looked forward to guilty verdicts. “Hopefully it will be the way the world wants to see it,” he said.

With those words, Philonise put his finger on the problem: The whole world had decided Mr. Chauvin was guilty before the trial even began, and it was clear there would be mayhem if the jury didn’t agree. There were 3,000 National Guardsmen on patrol in Minneapolis, along with thousands of policemen, just in case the lynch mob didn’t get its way.

Credit Image: © Chris Tuite/imageSPACE via ZUMA Wire

Credit Image: © Chris Tuite/imageSPACE via ZUMA Wire

The jury had to find Derek Chauvin guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You can read the judge’s instructions to the jury here. Did the prosecution really prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Chauvin “intentionally inflicted substantial bodily harm”? That he was “perpetrating an act eminently dangerous to others and evincing a depraved mind [emphasis added], without regard for human life”? That he “consciously [took] chances of causing death or great bodily harm”? Was this “[un]reasonable force in the line of duty in effecting a lawful arrest or preventing an escape from custody”? I wasn’t in the courtroom, so I can’t answer these questions, but it is well beyond a reasonable doubt that there was tremendous pressure to convict.

This is how “justice” works in the age of Black Lives Matter. The media whoop up an ambiguous encounter between a white cop and a black criminal to the point that the whole world thinks this is Emmett Till all over again. Half the country goes into paroxysm of rage and violence, while our rotten elites donate billions of dollars to black causes, obediently takes down monuments to white people, and vows to scour everything from math and music theory to our very souls for “white supremacy.”

How could anyone expect a jury to be fair to Derek Chauvin? And what does it say about a country when it has to mobilize thousands of men with rifles to keep the peace in case a duly empaneled jury does not deliver the verdict Philonise wants? The jurors listened to two weeks of testimony. The lynch mob — and the media — saw a few snatches of video, but they knew better. They always know better if knowing better puts the white man in the wrong. This is perversion of justice.

Some people will argue that it’s better for one unlucky cop to do hard time than for justice to be done, if justice means looting and arson. That means accepting perversion of justice. That means recognizing that justice is impossible once the lynch mob begins to howl. And whenever there’s a way to hurt the white man, it will howl.

White American are Succumbing to Fierce Racial Attacks

Do white Americans have no will to resist their Demonization and Dehumanizatiom ?


Death Camps on the Horizon


The New Untouchables


White Corporations Declare Election Integrity to be Racist


Western Man Now a Contradiction in Terms


White Americans Are the Persecuted Untermensch


White Liberals Resurrect Segregation As Black Privilege


White Americans Need to Realize that Their Enemies Are White Liberals, Not Russia and China






Paul Craig Roberts, UNZ Review

How Did America Become A Lawless Nation? “Gradually, Then Suddenly”

A Bronx judge cut a teen murder suspect loose, only for him to allegedly slash a young woman in the stomach — and then get sprung again by the same jurist, The Post has learned.

Supreme Court Justice Denis Boyle freed 16-year-old Jordon Benjamin without bail for the more recent December knife attack, allowing him to roam the streets despite the two pending cases for violent crimes.

His alleged victims and their families are now furious over the kid-gloves treatment.

“This is crazy,” Tynisha Smith, the mother of slashing victim Amya Hicks, said Monday.

“We thought he was still in jail,” said Smith, 33. “She doesn’t have an order of protection or nothing. He’s local. He hangs out two blocks away.”

“Nobody called us,” she said. “I’m going to ring her now and tell her to get home. They didn’t give us a heads up or nothing. This is ridiculous. He can hurt another person.”

The first case against Benjamin is from Christmas Eve 2019. Sixty-year-old Juan Fresnada was walking with his roommate when police said the pair were assaulted by a group of teenagers — allegedly including Benjamin.

Video of the brutal attack shows that Fresnada was stomped and pounded with a garbage can. He died from his injuries three days later at Lincoln Hospital, police said.

The teens got away with $1.

Benjamin was initially confined to the Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brooklyn on a manslaughter charge but freed by Boyle in March due to concerns over the coronavirus behind bars.

Benjamin then allegedly slashed Hicks on Intervale Avenue in the Bronx on Dec. 14, not far from his Hall Place home.

He was arrested three days later and charged with felony assault and attempted assault, and misdemeanor weapons possession — but released without bail at his arraignment.

Hicks spent two days in the hospital and underwent surgery, her mother said.

juan fresnada-web

“I’m shocked,” Bayron Caceres, Fresnada’s roommate, said Monday when told that Benjamin remained free.

“It’s injustice,” said Caceres, 30. “I thought he was on trial. I thought he was in jail. It is unbelievable to me, the injustice.”

Fresnada’s building is just steps away from where Benjamin and his friends regularly hang out — and where he continues to hang out.

“I can’t believe they let him back out here,” a neighbor told The Post. “Now I gotta keep looking back over my shoulder.”

The lawyer who represented Benjamin in the murder case did not respond to a call and email seeking comment Monday.

Boyle did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

But in a statement, the state Office of Court Administration said Boyle followed the law.

“Judges follow the law and the law clearly states that the least restrictive alternative should be the preeminent driver in bail consideration,” OCA spokesman Lucian Chalfen said in the statement.

“Once released on his manslaughter charge, this defendant returned to court for all subsequent appearances, and the expectation is that that will continue with the new charge,” Chalfen wrote.

John Derbyshire, UNZ Review

White Racism as the Mother of All Evils

Since the 1960s the federal government has initiated countless programs to close racial gaps. All have failed, some have even exacerbated these gaps, but failure aside, all posited logical connections between the program and the intended beneficial outcome. Head Start, for example, rested on the plausible idea that blacks disproportionately suffered early childhood deprivations, and this limited their future accomplishments, so enrich early childhood. The Empowerment Zones of the early 1990s offered tax incentive to entice urban businesses to hire unemployed blacks. Yes, these and countless other nostrums came up short, but they were logical and fact-based and did not, by themselves, aim to transform American society.

Matters have drastically changed with the emergence of the White Racism theory of the crime. It is now no longer necessary to link cures and the intended outcomes; whites by their very existence are now responsible for all black tribulations. Why even try to prescribe one ameliorative fix after the next to target a particular ill when eliminating whiteness is the Mother of All Cures? Nor is it necessary for blacks to take any responsibility for their misfortune—whites must do the job. How simple and seductive for social justice warriors exhausted by plain-Jane incremental politics and having to change their own behavior.

This “white racism did it” theory can be understood as a form of mental illness, specifically magical thinking, “ a disorder of thought…[that] denotes the false belief that one’s thoughts, actions, or words will cause or prevent a specific consequence in some way that defies commonly understood laws of causality.” In other words, every black problem, no matter how miniscule or gigantic can be traced back to toxic whiteness. Even more bizarre, the logic of this “theory” of evil exclusively stresses thoughts, even unconscious thinking, as opposed to overt behavior. An odd parallel exists with some religions where “bad thoughts” themselves are a sin, so thinking about discriminating against African Americans its tantamount to actually discriminating against them. This is a transformation that not only awards immense magical power to brain waves but contrives America’s legal tradition that criminalizes behavior not (with miniscule exceptions) “bad thinking.”

Since whites and their legacy are everywhere, and their toxicity resembles inescapable background radiation, blacks must energetically stamp out this evil wherever they find it. Nothing is too small in this crusade. The picture on Uncle Ben’s box of rice is tantamount to a physical assault. Why else would removing Robert E. Lee’s name from a largely black school become so urgent? What’s the concrete benefit? Did black students fail because they daily observed General Lee’s name cut in stone and this damaged their self-esteem? Logic doesn’t matter—Lee’s name just somehow radiates whiteness, even if students don’t know who he is, and like gravity, his very whiteness invisibly pulls blacks down.

The opportunity costs of embracing this faith are huge. The supply of crackpot solutions to any problem are infinite, and provided ample funding is available, foolishness can persist forever and thus there is never any need to align solutions to tangible tribulations let alone admit that the problem is intractable. Ridding society of white racism is the equivalent of a full-time job with an unlimited budget for inventing an anti-gravity automobile engine, and rest assured, success will be just over the hill, around the corner, at the end of the tunnel, awaiting one adjustment to the devise, tweaking the fuel etc. etc. Just obverse how many blacks at college campuses devote their existence to overcoming omnipresent white racism versus actual learning.

Consider how this escape from a difficult reality plays out in the “diversity industry.” Thanks to the Faith, why ask embarrassing question about why blacks cannot move up the corporate ladder despite putting the screws on whites to promote diversity and huge investments in education? Far easier to cleanse the workplace to toxic whiteness by hiring black experts to spend thousands of hours eradicating hidden bias, structural racism and countless other sins afflicting whites. The website compiled by SHRM lists some 83 such diversity consultants happy to toil long hours to exorcise evils debilitating African Americans. The firm OutSolve, for example, “… gives companies the advantage of effective affirmative action solutions that are comprehensive, customizable, and budgetable.” OutSolve, moreover, offers “… experienced consultants are ready to help, with the most comprehensive affirmative action planning services and consulting programs available” and services range from developing affirmative plans, devising bias-free compensation standards and navigating government rules and regulations. Keep in mind that these 83 firms are in addition to the hundreds of in-house departments in larger firms and especially universities, that likewise provide professional exorcisms. Now, thanks to the availability of all these exorcists, discussion can focus entirely on details of detoxification, so why bother with black IQ, work habits and similar awkward question?

Quackery also attracts those eager to accept endless failure provided the pay is decent. White racism is a pesky pathogen, so there can never be a “Mission Accomplished,” and a lifetime can be spent pushing the rock up the hill and, after a point, rock pushing is all the rock pushers know. Think all the Deans of Diversity and Inclusion spending careers seeking out racism in undergraduate admissions, choice of majors, grade point averages, faculty hiring and retention, research funding, and every other university function. And who knows what persistent digging will eventually uncover? Gaps in student participation in class discussions? Access to local stores selling black personal grooming supplies? Perhaps holistic admissions are insufficiently holistic or STEM textbooks ignore scientists of color but whatever the alleged defect, rest assured it will be scrutinized, assigned to some committee’s agenda, a report written and discussed, a few cosmetic changes suggested and when that, too, fails, onward to the next putative time-wasting panacea.

Most importantly, embracing the centrality of whiteness as the all-encompassing evil virtually guarantees totalitarian creep. Or to use the Soviet vocabulary, you have to break ever more eggs to make the omelet.

To understand this progression, suppose that white racism can be calibrated on a 0 to 1.0 scale, with 1.0 being totally racist society, e.g., apartheid-era South African. Further suppose that by daily mandatory anti-racism seminars, school textbook propaganda, fantasy interracial TV commercials, speech codes, de-platforming heretics, hate crime laws and lots more, racism among non-blacks is reduced from, say, .6 to .1, a seemingly momentous accomplishment. Is this reduction sufficient to eliminate racial gaps and all other inequalities? Can victory be declared? The answer is, sad to say, indeterminant since the theory of white toxicity fails to specify a numerical relationship between the causal agent (white racism) and any specific outcome. This is social engineering sans any benchmarks. Everything is just fighting white racism.

Conceivably, white racism resembles plutonium and an infinitesimal amount in the city’s water supply can kill the entire population. Or lethality depends on huge levels of whiteness. Of course, nobody can specify levels of lethality and, tellingly, this murkiness is hardly a problem for those insisting on the evil of whiteness. Toxic whiteness is toxic whiteness is toxic whiteness. The result of this scientific muddle-brained thinking is that the white-racism-is- culprit- theory is beyond falsification.

Actually, to be fair, theory confirmation can occur when the levels of Racist evil fall to 0.0 on the Racism Scale but how do we empirically establish this “0” point? Not easy given the belief that society might only appear free of white racism, especially since blacks can unknowingly internalize it despite their blackness (think black teachers in all-black Detroit to explain bad test scores). And whites can be asymptomatic or guilty of imperceptible dog whistle racism.

Here’s the answer to establishing zero white racism: it will be zero only when blacks and whites have identical average SAT scores, bar exam pass rates, out of wedlock births rates, murder rates, home ownership levels, infant mortality rates, drug abuse levels, identical life expectancies and incomes, proportional Nobel Prize awards and lots, lots more. Any remaining gap, regardless of where found and size, would be proof of lingering white racism since, after all, that is the source, and only source, of all gaps. Put formally, the independent variable (white racism) is thus measured by values of the dependent variable (gaps). The new frontier of statistical analysis.

A further fly in the ointment is that since the existence of toxic racism is often necessarily subjective, the likelihood of everybody agreeing on the extinction of racism is nil. Surely the Theory does not permit confirming the Utopian 0.0 level of venomousness by majority vote. Now, since there will always be white racism, and since any (unspecified) level of this toxicity drives black misery, de-toxification must necessarily be ongoing, if not perpetual, and with every greater coercion as past failure mount.

A racial version of Zeno’s Paradox is inevitable—America can go from .5 racism to .25 to .125 and even .00078125 on and on, but it will never be free of racism since the effects of racism will always be evident, somewhere, in unequal outcomes or beliefs about unequal outcomes. To paraphrase George Wallace, White racism today, white racism tomorrow, white racism forever.

Needless to say, assuming that zero racism, like zero degrees Kelvin, is reachable, the cost of attaining zero white racism would, in all likelihood, be exponential given past experience with narrowing gaps. What would it take, for example, to cut the black/white homicide gap by a factor of eight? Or asset differences by a factor of ten? And on and on across multiple substantial and enduring race-related gaps?

Chasing this unreachable fantasy of total de-toxification necessarily requires enormous coercion since not even spending the entire GNP would suffice. Only draconian laws and administrative dictates could ensure that blacks and whites were educationally identical, earned the same salaries, were equally incarcerated, suffered equal drug addiction rates and on and on. Remember, any gap “demonstrates” the persistence of white racism and thus achieving racial justice requires harsher and harsher exorcisms.

Can fervent racial egalitarians ever be convinced to abandon this fantasy? Reasoned discussions are pointless. Forget arguing about financial constraints—money from white taxpayers is never a restraint, especially among the innumerate. Ditto for demonstrating the unscientific nature of this “theory” of Great Evil–too complicated and would probably be interpreted as a white ruse (”white science”) to subjugate blacks. What about empirically demonstrating that whites are not especially racist or that racism has seriously declined? Irrelevant since, as per theory of toxicity, a racism score of .25 or even .05 is just as debilitating as a score of .5 (and who can disagree given zero data or, for that matter, no efforts to collect these data). Nor will the failure of this “white racism did it” theory-of-the-crime vanish simply because anti-racism efforts fail. If anything, shifting the blame entirely to whites will reduce “agency” among blacks and probably only widen racial gaps, but this irony hardly disturbs the faithful. Actually, increasing pathology will be a boon for the close-the-gap anti-racism industry.

Extinction will arrive politically. Whites will eventually realize that putting the onus on whites for all black woes is but extortion and, as for all similar tactics, it has its political limits. There are inescapable budgetary constraints, legal barriers governing racial preferences and norms regarding fairness. More important, American politics is Newtonian–pushes and counter-pushes, and African American activists are not the only players in the game. The pay-me-for-my-victimization game is highly permeable, and those dispensing the goodies regularly confront cries of sexism, homophobia, ageism, Islamophobia and countless other claims on the public trough. In all likelihood The Great White Racism theory of the crime will eventually gradually loose its allure, just as religious fervor wilts with time, and today’s believer will move on to some new, more exhilarating dogma.

Robert Weissberg

Indoctrinating An Entire School System in PC Racism

Seattle Public Schools recently held a racially charged teacher-training session that convicted US schools of committing “spirit murder” against black kids and demanded that white teachers “bankrupt [their] privilege in acknowledgment of [their] thieved inheritance.”

According to whistleblower documents from the session that I’ve ­reviewed, the trainers began by claiming that teachers are colonizers of “the ancestral lands and traditional territories of the Puget Sound Coast Salish People.” Later: “The United States was built off the stolen labor of kidnapped and enslaved black people’s work.” The image of a black-power fist removed any lingering hope that the presentation might ­involve a modicum of nuance.

Organizers identified themselves by gender pronouns and race. For example, one speaker was identified as “He/Him, White.” It has become commonplace in academia and corporate settings to list gender pronouns, but this was perhaps the first example of an institution promoting workplace race-labeling. (The district didn’t reply to my request for comment.)

The main message: White teachers must recognize that they “are assigned considerable power and privilege in our society” because of their “possession of white skin.” To atone, they must self-consciously reject their “whiteness” and become dedicated “anti-racist educator[s].”

Any resistance, no matter how well-argued or factually grounded, was dismissed as a reflex of white teachers’ “lizard-brain,” which makes them “afraid that [they] will have to talk about sensitive issues such as race, racism, classism, sexism or any kind of ‘ism.’ ”

In the most disturbing portion, teachers discussed “spirit murder.” Schools, according to “abolitionist” pedagogue Bettina Love, who invented the concept, “murder the souls of black children every day through systemic, institutionalized, anti-black, state-sanctioned violence.”

What’s the goal here? Simply put, to transform Seattle schools into activist organizations.

At the conclusion of the training, teachers had to explain how they will practice “anti-racist pedagogy,” address the “social-justice movements taking place” and become “anti-racist outside the classroom.” They were told to divide the world into “enemies, allies and ­accomplices” and work toward the “abolition” of whiteness. They must, in other words, abandon the illusion of neutral teaching standards and get in the trenches of race-based activism.

Unfortunately, this kind of training is not an aberration — but a ­reflection of deep ideological currents within Seattle Public Schools and the wider teacher-training ­industrial complex. In recent years, the district has rapidly ­expanded its Department of Racial Equity Advancement and deployed “racial-equity teams” in dozens of neighborhood schools. The stated goal is to “advance educational ­racial equity,” but in practice, these programs often serve to introduce, perpetuate and enforce a specific ideological agenda and a new ­racial hierarchy.

This is a tragedy for students. ­Seattle public schools have been closed to on-campus learning since the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak. In September, the school district reported that fewer than half of students attended any of the school’s remote-learning offerings, with even worse attendance rates for minorities. Rather than address this crisis, which has doubtlessly expanded racial disparities, the district prioritized “white-privilege” training for teachers.

Unless there is a change of course, this new orthodoxy — gradually replacing academics with activism — will yield an educational disaster. School districts will aggregate students on the ­basis of identity and subordinate traditional learning to the latest fads from woke academe. When those inevitably fail, desperate teachers and administrators will be tempted to drop the old “three Rs” (reading, writing, arithmetic) in ­favor of the new: racism, racism and racism.

In this sense, the educational woke regime mirrors the corporate one in function: All this ideological garment-rending and chest-beating serves to disguise the social and material failures of institutions. Teachers can ostentatiously “bankrupt their privilege” in front of their colleagues, but it will do nothing for third-graders who are struggling to read or graduating high-school seniors who can’t solve a single algebra problem or compose a legible sentence.

Sadly, if past is precedent, the ­racial fever gripping Seattle schools will soon spread to the nation.

Christopher Rufo, Discovery Institute